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My labrador is about 14 months old and I want to know if this breed continues growing even at this age.?

My labrador is about 14 months old and I want to know if this breed continues growing even at this age. I ask this because I see older labradors (4 years or older) in my neighbourhood, who, according to my husband, look taller and stockier than my lab. My lab was quite a chubby and stocky baby and when he was 45 days old, people thought he looked more like a 3-month old puppy, but today, he is about 30 kilos in weight. Having said that, he is very active, very sweet tempered and just loves his walks and playtime. So I dont see any major cause for concern except that I wonder whether he should be taller or stouter at this age and whether we have fed him / continue to feed him the right food. Right since his baby days, he has been fed on dry dog food, often with supplements like Pet Spark, Osteopet etc. Any views/suggestions?
By Rashmi Pandit · 19 Nov 2010 12:24 pm


By Gopal Krishna · 19 Nov 2010 12:58 pm
Lab take time to grow mentally and physically so be patient and in 14 month a lab could almost reach its max height and will start growing muscle. so give time and dont compare you dog with others coz every dog is special.
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By Hemanshu · 19 Nov 2010 1:04 pm
I would not like if you are comparing your dog with other's, each dog would have different genes and metabolism hence different growth pattern. Also if dogs are netured or spayed they ted to grow fat.
What's important for you Rashmi is your dog is very active and healthy. I would suggest you to enjoy with your pup and have fun.
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By Rashmi Pandit · 19 Nov 2010 1:50 pm
I am very happy with my dog and love him to distraction. He is like a kid to me. Also, I am not really comparing. All I want to be sure of is that I am not missing out on doing something, like feeding my baby something, because of which he is not growing to his potential. He hails from a champion show dog lineage and therefore I want him to grow to his potential. Thats all.
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By Hemanshu · 19 Nov 2010 2:49 pm
I am sure you must have consulted your VET and there might be advice but I think he and you are happy that's more important.
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By Nishaant · 13 Dec 2010 4:45 pm
Hi Rashmi, females are shorter than males and also if he/she is black, then black color labs are shorter than fawn color. But even in my case, even though they are fawn color, they look shorter and they too are 14 months old but as you said, they are active and healthy. so no need to worry. Ask your vet just to be sure, when you visit him next.
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