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Is it normal behavior of puppy to stay awake at nights ?what type of training needs to be given?

My labrador puppy is 40 days old and is 2 days old in our house. I understand it is taking time to adjust to us and we ( my son, me and my spouse ) are making all efforts to acquaint ourselves to it. I have showed it to Vet and he suggested the medicines and food. cerelac with dog food / milk etc., My problem is, it is sleeping throught out the day and barks and whines at night once we put off the lights to sleep. I know it does not want to be left alone. so we leave it in our hall after giving it food and leave bold night bulbs on. but it is constantly whining and barking and we cannot sleep at all. We understood it must be feeling lonely. but we cannot be awake with it through out the night. (it happily sleeps for 2 hrs with 1/2 hour breaks ) through out the day. My question is : is it a common condition? how do we train it ? how long will it take? What is the behaviour pattern of a 40 day old lab puppy? It is still not getting acquainted to its name also ! what type of training needs to be given? how do we engage him through out the day? can i tie it with a long leash to some table or chair? because I am scared it is into nibbling everything on the floor ( including our fingers and feet). Wish someone will throw some light soon.
By Savita Bharadwaj · 26 Apr 2011 5:02 pm


By Dinkar Singh · 26 Apr 2011 9:09 pm
You have made the common mistake of getting a pup too soon. There is so much info on this website about the right age etc of getting a pup. Always do research before taking the responsibility of another living being.

having said that its common for it to miss its mother and litter mates. He will be fine. Read on this website and on the net about getting a new pup home etc to get a better idea of what all to do and when to start training etc..
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By xceww · 26 Apr 2011 11:13 pm
Your pup hasnt been weaned properly i.e the age when a pup should be separated from his mom;the right age being atleast 8 weeks, so ur Puppy Businessman is to be blamed. He hasnt socialised properly with his siblings too since u got him early n its normal for him to miss them.You have to be patient, it will get better with time.He will be Ok in another 4-5 months but will be a problem if u get angry, scold him or even hit him. Be patient.
40 Day pups dont respond to names, wil, take another 4-5 months, but only if u treat him lovingly.
You should never leash him at such a young age, it has adverse effects on their neck, backbones and entire structure.
You can engage him by letting him play off leash only. The bonding starts now so treat him nicely.
A simple calculation is to multiply dog age * 6 so would a human baby respond to names at 6 moths..no..but they will respond to love , affection and fun during playtimes.
They do tend to bite and nibble into things at this age.Its normal, dont over react or get angry. He is just a baby.
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By Savita Bharadwaj · 27 Apr 2011 11:43 pm
thank you all for your quick respose...in fact we called up the vet and took the pup. as u all mentioned we are slowly getting acquainted to each other and left it for Time to strengthen our bond. thank you once again.
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