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Please help me overcome my Labrador bad habit??

My labrador(10 months,male) has 2 very embarrassing habits. 1)He sniffs everybody's private areas ,whenever any guest comes to our place he starts sniffing in order to familiarize then goes up,this creates a very embarrasing situation and I am very worried of how to get rid of this behavior.Though I always keep on commanding "dont touch " but he always returns back to the same act. 2)Secondly (regularly tries on me) after sniffing the clothes he catches hold of the leg or waist of mine and starts a thrusting motion (mating act).I have tried shouting even punishing but he would'nt listen.I love to play with him but this behavior really disgusts me. He is otherwise a very intelligent dog who would seem likely to speak up the next moment,but he fail at this.Please suggest some remedy.Thnx in advance.
By Siddhant · 10 Jan 2009 4:50 pm


By MAVI KENNEL · 14 Jan 2009 9:39 am
Hi sidhant
dont worry these kind of problem is normal in dogs at this period no need to punish your dog its just maturity time in dogs so they usually do these kind of act you can improve this problem by say saying go away and about sniffing i think he is not familier till so keep on introducing your dog with people and at the moment when he do sniff give light slap on his face so that he remember when he do again try this and tell me improvement
gud luck
mavi Kennel
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By Siddhant · 14 Jan 2009 2:27 pm
Thank you very much,I will surely try that out.
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