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Is lactogen mix with egg yolks good for uppy?

By nivin joseph · 29 Mar 2012 6:27 pm


By ABHISHEK BONNERJEE · 29 Mar 2012 9:16 pm
Feed only lactogen or cerelac, at this point egg yolks will be too much for him to digest.Ofcourse if the puppy's with his mother then nothing better than mother's milk till about 1.5 months of age, but if not then feed cerelac and/or lactogen till 1.5 months thn slowly start with solid food..
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By Elena · 30 Mar 2012 8:00 am
i agree with the first part - feed only cerelac and lactogen for now. but to my knoledge solid food can be gradually introduced after third week in semi-solid form. start with curd, then add some mashed rice, boiled vegs, chicken meat... by one months of age pups can eat porridge-like cereals with shredded meat, boiled egg yolk, etc. just add new type of food gradually - first just one pinch, then increase the quantity.
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By nivin joseph · 30 Mar 2012 7:02 pm
thankyou very much for your valuable comments.
dam doesnt have enough milk due to large litter size.
so thought about introducing some handfeeding to support their growing nutritional needs.
once again thank you very much.
more info about puppy care (from17th day) are welcome.
thanks again for the help friends.
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