Is lactose free milk okay for dog consumption?And in what quantity?

My labrador really likes to have milk and as per my understanding, milk is not very good for a dogs digestive system. Amul has launched lactose free milk and i was wondering if the ingredients can do any harm?

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Hi... Dogs are not lactose intolerant in the correct sense of the word. You may give your dog chicken broth boiled along with rice and add half a cup of milk to that. The concept is to keep the ratio of milk and water 1:2 (water being more obviously). I'm sure your dog has grown up by now but you should give milk till the pup is 6months old. After that there is no need. You can give your dog curd diluted in water (mattha) during summers they love it. If you give your dog meat then it is getting all the protein required and it doesn't need milk or milk products.
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