Can I get a list of food to feed 6 weeks old golden retriever puppy

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First of all congratulations on your bundle of joy. Your golden retriever puppy is six weeks oldwhich means, it is approximately one and a half months old.The golden retriever puppies have a built-in food timer. It is due to this timer that your puppypromptly eats as per the schedule.For the first three months, it is advisable to give him food for about three times a day. Thenafter the fourth month, you can change it to twice a day.Most owners or breeders prefer to give twice a day dog. Smaller meals are more satisfying andhelp in weight control.Feed the puppy in a very quiet and undisturbed environment. This allows the puppy toconcentrate on eating.The golden retriever belongs to a larger breed of dogs. It is essential that the puppy must get allthe nutrients from the food, but must not be overfed.As the dog of a larger breed, most of the illness can be caused due to overweight. Hence, aproperly balanced diet is essential.A baby dog is fed by the mother until it is a month old. For one and half month old puppy thefood needs to be light so that the puppy can digest but needs to have all nutrients.One can opt for ready to eat dog foods available in the market. One can feed branded ready toeat food to the puppy as per the instructions written on the pack.For those who want to offer their dogs a homemade meal, there are various options. You canfeed your dog withFruits, vegetables, eggs, potato, rice, brown bread, and animal proteins.The raw vegetables can be fed to the puppy, however, it is advisable to boil and mash thembefore feeding.It is important that whatever you feed your puppy has to be in a moderate amount. Excess ofanything can lead to upsetting the stomach.There are some foods that are very risky for the puppies as well as full-grown dogs.Ice-creams, chocolates, grapes, raisins, bones of chickens or meat, onions, sugar, candy, tea,coffee.These foods must be strictly avoided as they can cause a great deal of harm to the dogs.The bones in animal proteins can harm the teeth of dogs and intestines too. While onions and afew other things can damage red blood cells.Like human kids, puppy love treats too. The puppies love cottage cheese, peanut butter,popcorns, sunflower seeds, and plain white yogurt.Whichever treat you offer them, make sure it does not contain an excess of salt and sugar.Do take your puppy for small walks or to play in the parks. Their exercising is as important asfeeding them.It will help them to stay active. Also more time you spend with them, the bond between youboth will get stronger.Enjoy the growth of the puppy into a smart, wise, and healthy golden retriever.
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