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Can some one tell me what is a resonable price to buy a lab puppy or saint bernard ?

I am lookin to buy a lab , i hav spoken to 2 to 3 good kennel club members , can some one tell me what is a resonable price to buy a lab puppy or saint bernard ???? please also tell me about their average monthly expense in mumbai for a vegetarian family .
By HEMANT · 18 Jan 2011 2:10 pm


By Bijal · 18 Jan 2011 2:50 pm
In Delhi you can get a male lab around 5 K to 10 K depends upon quality. Don't know about a saint bernard. Its a very giant breed and can cost more than a lab for rearing. A lab can costs monthly around 1000-1500 if u feed him home food with some dry packaged food. If feed only dry packaged food than it will costs higher. The vet bills also should be consider. shampoos, vitamins, and other expenses extra. In Delhi one visit of vet costs around 400- 500. so in early stage of puppy it is frequently to go to the vet. yearly vaccinations also keep in mind. A suggestion hope u dont mind-- if u are going to be a first time dog owner pls. don't consider a giant breed. It will cause much difficulty when it grown up fully adult. Thanks and have a happy pet.
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By deekshith · 18 Jan 2011 8:44 pm
well lab is different from saint bernard i will suggest you to get a lab agree with what bijal said prolly will cost ya more than 10k if you are looking for some nice heavy bone champion lineup puppy better check the parents and grand parents for any health issues thats the main thing buying a pup with papers and hmm expenses will be abit high till 4 or 5 months till all puppy shots are over monthly i think will be more than 2000 easily you said you are vegetarian dogs are meat eaters well all packed food will have meat in em dono if you like to touch it i have some vegetarian friends who dont like to touch the pack even :D well Good Luck with the new puppy home made food is way to g0.
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By dhiraj rajendra jadhao · 27 Jan 2011 12:56 am
hi hemant call me i can help u out
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