why we show partialy towards local breeds??

we all love dogs..... we feed our pups/dogs so good but why we are not able to adopt street dogs?? why we show partialy towards local breeds??
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Indian dogs are best in our conditions. They have been living here for ages have have adapted themselves very well in the conditions.
In India, status symbol is an important factor when it comes to selecting a dog breed. People like Labradors because they are heavy and look very royal. If my neighbour has a Greatdane, I'd wish to have a Saint Bernard. This is a typical Indian mindset.
In America and Europe, 60% of pets are brought either from shelters or from the breeder directly. Out of these 60 %, pure breeds constitute 20-30 percent and rest constitute mixed breeds.
We have a stereotypical image of stray dogs. A person walking a mixed breed on the road will hardly attract any attention of on-lookers. But, If i'm walking with a Saint Bernard, people will look at me and all Indians love to be payed attention.
Also, there is a lack of awareness among us. There is a misconception that stray dogs don't make good pets because they have wild instinct. This is completely wrong.
I myself have fascination for Labradors and we've been keep this breeds for ages now.
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