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When shouls i brush my Lhasa Apso?

Hi i m have lhasa apso near coming to her 1st birthday, as she is becoming big its become hard to manage her hairs. Her hairs r tangled n when i brush her, she feels pain so she runs away or try to bit.. i use good shampoo, its not of use.. pls help me what should i do..
By Heena Khandelwal · 26 Jul 2010 2:49 pm


By Dinkar Singh · 27 Jul 2010 9:53 am
If ur dogs hair has got matted then the only way out generally is to cut it. You have got a long haired breed and you need to brush and comb it regularly and bath it also to keep it clean and looking nice. In order to make the experience of brushing and combing a good one, you will need to give ur dog its favourite treat while brushing it, so that it associates it with good thinks rather than the pain of you pulling the hair. Pulling the coat will not occur if you brush and comb her regularly.

The hair/ coat is like a woman's hair, you need to keep it clean, shampoo it and brush it reqularly. If it sounds too much work then there is an easier option.

I dont knw where u live but there are grooming parlours for pets coming up in most cities. You can take your dog there and get a hair cut. It will look cute and the coat very manageable. Search on the net and u will get an idea of what I mean.

All The Best

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By Kumud Choudhary · 31 Jul 2010 11:07 pm
Getting the hair clipped is the best option if the hair is too matted and if on the whole, long hair is proving difficult to manage. Once the hair starts growing again, you might also want to try applying a leave in detangling conditioner (it's available in good pet shops) for your dog; I use one on my long-haired dogs and it helps.

However, lhasas do have a very high grooming requirement and they need to be brushed daily to avoid mats; buy a dematting comb as well as a regular one and use them everyday
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