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I am having a 5 years old Dalmation dog,he is very much scared of sound created by firework?

i m having a 5 years old dalmation dog. he is very much scared of sound created by fireworks and when such a sound comes.... he used to hide himself in very small places (eg. my computer table), sit on bed,sofa..... its very irritating sometimes. can anyone help me out to get rid of his this problem or provide any solution to such matters. it will be very helpful for him and me too....
By chirag jain · 13 Oct 2008 1:02 am


By phaedrus · 30 Oct 2008 2:19 pm
it wont help..no amount of socializing can take away the fear of loud sounds. breeds which are comfortable with loud sounds r hounds and german shepherds. see a dog is comfortable with a loud sound nly when he sees the source of the sound or knows it exists.basically when it can anticipate...firecrackers cant be anticipated esp when ur dog is indoor.let him be in a corner if he becomes a destroyer of furnitur and generally bugs u at most u can give him tab alprax .25 to .5 mg or tab avil one tab twice.
they r sedatives with no side effects and can be given safely till three weeks continuously.
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By Rana Atheya · 30 Oct 2008 2:34 pm
For any medicine to be given to your dog you must consult your Vet
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By DoggieDawg · 19 Jan 2009 5:15 pm
hi Chiraj ,
my doggie had the same problem . ultimately we think she died of a heart attack caused due to cracker sounds - ofcourse she was already unwell . Times are especially hard towards Diwali . We had created a sanctuary like place for Angela in our house - a dark small store room with her toys . Secondly on Diwali time we used to give her a relaxant/sleeping pill . So she use to sleep her way to the noise . I would not recommend giving a dog pill for long continuous durations
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