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I am feeding home food to my dog is this ok for his health in the future for his life?

hi, i m having a boxer (male) his age is 2 years, and well build body and anatomy his weight is 30kgs at the height of 24" from the shoulder. he is a very active dog and lives without any dieses now, and i m not giving him the non-veg food (except dog food). i m giving him meals 3 times in a day but in that 3 times he needs change of food, all the time he is not prefered dog food only so, i m giving him my home food also for 2 times in a day and 1 time dog food. so is this ok for his health in the future for his life?
By bhavesh patel · 09 Aug 2010 9:38 am


By KamalRaj J Kuppal · 09 Aug 2010 10:55 am
Home made food is best of all but please dont include onion, garlic, grapes in your home made food as it is extremely dangerous for your dog. Better get one grilled chicken from any non-veg hotels nearby your home and give your dog, if you are OK with this...
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By Neha · 09 Aug 2010 4:17 pm
Home made freshly prepared food....is the best option i will suggest u....and if it a veg then bestest....and ur dog's life will increase....gradually...to the maximum of there age......

Processed/market dog food...is nt good...for dogs or any other pets...health..coz.....it creates kidney liver problems later on in an adult dog....coz....of the chemicals.....used in these foods....and this is not...my personal opinion....it....is.....which the best....vets hv given nationally.....

and yes...not many ppl will agree with me.....i don't think giving....non-veg...to ur dog....will....suit his body temperature...even though they are carnivorous....bt...in india the maximum season...is summers.....and...feeding....n on-veg or raw diet...will increase it's body temperature...and u cannot get good,non-contaminated, fresh non-veg....and if u really want to feed him......then best...to give it in winters....1 or 2wice in a weak....

and if u hv any queries...regarding ur pet....u can watch....PET CARE...every SATURDAY on NATIONAL CHANNEL...at 6.30 pm...there are two vets...who give bestest reply.....and suggestion for animal lovers query.....

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By Dinkar Singh · 09 Aug 2010 9:45 pm
An adult dog which urs is shuld be fed twice a day or once a day. You may be feeding him too much and hence he does not eat his third meal properly and u r just forcing him to eat by making it very tempting.

A good packaged dog food is always advised but if u r comfortable preparing home cooked food at home that is ok too. You can give veg or non veg food as long as u cook it properly.
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