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Marley and me !!! Digestion problems? Metal and plastic particles.

As you would know the famous movie Marley and me. Marley swallow a gold chain which Owen Wilson takes it from his poop next day. So is it safe to assume that plastic and undigested metal things dog swallows are discarded in their waste?Because my 3 month old lab has something on his mouth every single time

By Mahima Murali Murali · 04 Jun 2015 5:15 pm


By Admin · 09 Jun 2015 10:00 am
Hi Mahima

Pups are so exuberant in nature that they tend to chew on everything and anything possible.As a pet parent it will be a great idea to puppy proof the house. If your puppy chews and gnaws on things, you will have to be very careful. Most chewed things get discarded in stool, however many don't. They may get lodged in the throat or the stomach and cause serious health issues for your pup and may require medical intervention.

You may opt for crate training for your pup where you can make him comfortable in his own place (the crate) and keep him away from chewing on things.

Team DogSpot
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