I want to know about the types of Doberman?

Hi members. When I was a child my dad use to take me to an uncle who have Dobermann. I have played with him in park and from that movement I have passion of dogs. He used to be good, gentle never harmed me, always playfull. But today when I ask someone for Doberamn. Every one almost everyone told me its a dangerous breed. We can't left such dog with children and never recommend for new owners. I want to know is it true. Another question the doberman which I talk about have good height but today in my surrounding dobermans are of small size, aggressice so want to know about types of dobermann like german/ american. Thankyou Regards: SURAJ(sorry for gramatical mistakes)
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Any guarding breed, including the Doberman is not meant for first time dog owners. The reason is simple as they will be dominant and need to be that way in order to protect their owners. What we generally see and experience like in your case is a well trained and socialised dog. The question is do you really have the time and patience to train and if require continou training your dog its entire life in the case of some guard dog breeds. Will you be able to know what is being friendly and what should not be tolerated, not having prior knowledge and experience of bigger dogs. Without experience of dogs small or big, ppl at times do not understand the needs of the dog or at times spoil it and then later when it becomes a big huge dog they are unable to change the habbit they may have formed in the dog.

As for the quality of dogs, there are all sort of dogs and dog breeders. You need to find a good breeder which is hard to find and good sound dogs. The dobs have gone up in popularity and now are no longer that popular and hence it is difficlut to find some really good dobes. The one s which are there may be too expensive. Agrani kennels down south have some good dogs that is if u can manage to get in touch with them.

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2012-02-22T20:50:54+0530 22 Feb 2012 8:50 pm
Thanks for the reply. Actually I am looking for very furious and gaint dog breed which I can believe on to left alone with children.(except lab & gold retver)
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2012-02-23T01:22:48+0530 23 Feb 2012 1:22 am
9 of 10 people who want dogs for guarding need them big and furious. The important thing they forget is dogs can attack on anybody, including their owners if not trained.
Let me narrate u a incident from my own experience. Some years back I had the same mentality. My dog Rocky, a Great Dane (60 kgs and 35 inches) was deadly ferocious. He wasn't born so but I made him such by telling him to charge on every live thing. Under me he was sort of under control and never bit anyone and also he was a working dog, protecting and guarding our fence was his job, so no one complained. During those days I used to stay at Hostel and ocasionally came home, so our worker took care of him.
It was Holi that day and I returned home at around 5, in the afternoon. I saw blood on the stair-cases till my room on the first floor. The dog had actually dragged a guy( around 6 feet and 80 kgs ), who was an acquaintance at our house. I learned that the dog was free and this guy entered the house wearing a helmet. This incident had occurred just 15 mins before my return and my family had taken him to the hospital. At the hospital people queried had any wolf or tiger implicated these wounds. There were around 15 - 20 scars, 1 or more inch deep at places. This was 7 years back, now after several surgeries he has some feel in his left hand. I am grateful to him that he did not take me to court.
Later the same people who loved him (Rocky) hated or feared him. I managed to relocate him at a farm outside the city but he had several issues there too, including killing a cow. He lived upto 5 years old and died more of neglection than anything else as no one dared to enter the cage and treat him.
Who is the culprit the dog or me?
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By Srichandan Dash 2012-02-23T01:26:10+0530 23 Feb 2012 1:26 am
Dogs are meant to guard and they will do it over their dead body. The problem is they must be well trained to know whom to guard against and till what extent?
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By thakur83 2012-02-23T20:49:14+0530 23 Feb 2012 8:49 pm
There is no such thing bad dog its all about owner
I have rotti he is 9 month old big (I can send you pic if you want)He is really fur ball My niece love to play with him all day She almost ride on him all day He never mind this and as I remember before buying my rotti my friends where u have kid at home don't bring such bad tempered breed I didn't listen there advice and now I have best companion for my family So simple advice be good owner and your dog will love you back no matter about breed.
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By Suraj 2012-02-23T23:30:53+0530 23 Feb 2012 11:30 pm
Thanks a lot friends, and Mr. Thakur I have talked to one such nic guy like you recently and I also believed that dogs are not dangerous weather rot, pitt or dob. Its owners who play a major role.
And srichandan sorry for such a bad experience you have. Your story have a very good lesson to people.
Thanks, Thanks a lot.
Its very nice of you if you sent ur rott's pics. Eager to see them.
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By KamalRaj J Kuppal 2012-02-24T16:07:34+0530 24 Feb 2012 4:07 pm
No dog is dangerous if raised properly. Also, it all depends upon the owner, dog simply do what owner like and it is very difficult for dogs to unlearn the things that he/she learned. So train them properly from their puppyhood onwards. My friend doberman is exactly like what you mentioned in your question Suraj, She is very friendly and play with all even strangers too and also my lab has bitten by neighbourhood pomerian four times and not even a single time my lab attacked pomerian. My lab is 40kg and the pomerian that bite is less than 10 kg. But onething is sure that all dogs will charge if their owner is on threat.
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