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Can u please make me clear how to use it perfectly, in case iI am using it wrongly?

Mohua Chatterjee I have purchased Good Puppy Potty Training Spray from here. But my puppy is not changing his habbit. Can u please make me clear how to use it perfectly, in case iI am using it wrongly?
By Mohua Chatterjee · 12 Apr 2012 2:17 pm


By Navjot Singh · 23 Apr 2012 8:22 pm
First of all, you need to train your dog to go out when he has to do his daily business. If he's peeing inside the room than you need to clean that place with Urine Off (available in this website or any other pet shop or Vet ). If you are not able to buy one, you can clean it with Vinegar. These preparations neutralise the smell emanating from their urine and hence the puppy is not driven to pee again in the same spot.
You now need to decide where you want your dog to do his daily business. This can be inside or outside of your house. Usually, it's best to train them to pee within the house as you are not always available to take them out and once trained the dog is independent to do his business without being dependent on any other family member to take him out of the house.
You can simply teach him to pee on the roof or any place which is easily accessible and easy to clean. You can lay newspaper to speed up the cleaning process.
You can now either spray this Product on the newspaper or simply place a cloth soaked with the urine of the puppy. You need to take him to the spot as often as possible. This frequency can vary as often as every hour for the first month, depending on how quickly your puppy learns. For first few month, we even have to take them out in the mid-night, so that the puppy doesn't pee early in the morning.
Potty training can be very hectic for new owners. But you need to continue the basic and sooner or latter this practice does bear fruits.
Good Luck!!
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