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My Jack russell has developed a lump under his right leg on his chest,help?

my relative has a 2year old jack russel x who has developed a lump under his right leg on his chest, it is approx the size of a five pence piece and has grown, and everyone is worried about it as we had a devastating loss of another beloved pet through cancer. we would appreciate it if you could reply
By nicky · 13 Mar 2008 11:08 am


By · 30 Jan 2008 11:16 pm
hi thjs is dr mahto. kindly give me a complete detail on my e mail- ashokkumar2045@yahoo.co.in
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By abhijit pawde · 06 Feb 2008 10:39 am
send its video or fotos in 2 views, also aspiration cytology/FNAC reprts
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By Dr. Amit Sharma · 28 Jul 2008 6:49 pm
if u can post some photographs, it will be useful...
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By Butternscotch · 03 Apr 2009 11:59 am
Hi, my 8 yrs lab has similar problem...node in his left chest and one on the head... In most cases thay are known as lymph nodes...mostly harmless.... but in case they grow in size and change texture then it may be more serious...it is advisable to to do a fna...but the procedure may backfire as if the nodes are damaged then they may increase...i have opted for homeopathy treatment...and so far so good... Good luck and Godd bless your kid always....
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By abhijit pawde · 03 Apr 2009 2:26 pm
enlarged lymphnodes? n' harmless?? plz do not mislead/misguide ,either its a gall/hygroma in a lab which might've responded 2 homeopathy as homeopathy is very effesctiv in surface lesions,polylymphadenopathy is generally seen in labs in myeloid disorders or haemoprotozoan infections
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By abhijit pawde · 03 Apr 2009 2:28 pm
one should be cautious distant diagnosis unless pictoral/visual evidence is provided its 2 quick 2 jump on diagnosis n' conclusion
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By Butternscotch · 06 Apr 2009 10:15 am
Sorry I was not trying to misguide anyone, only sharing my experience...What I meant was unless it's changes shape it could be just enlarged lymph....or even an fatty node...without doing an fna it's very difficult to judge a lump from outside...but if they are no other visible symptoms, it may be harmless...also most vets say that fnc might agrrevate the problem in many cases, so alternative treatment is better if no other visible symptoms is seen....hope I have justified myself...but as a vet you definately are a better person to jugde the situation...no offence I hope....taken or given
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