I am planning to start a boarding and lodging for dogs what is the procedure?

hi, my name is rajeev, i am from mumbai, i am planning to start a boarding and lodging for dogs, i want to know what is the procedure for the same, what licenses i need and what registration i have to do
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Congratulations! This is a great step towards helping pet parents who look for options when they have to travel for work or leisure. More often than not, pet parents are stuck with the idea of leaving their pets away which is why a facility like this is not only comforting to them but can also help them travel without any anxiety.聽You will be happy to know that dogs are amongst the top three popular pets that are owned by people in India. Owning a dog, however, needs some extra love and care. And so, the idea of dog daycare and lodging is becoming very popular. Please no that venturing into something like this is a big task. Not only it is a huge responsibility but it requires a lot of investment too. If you are a pet lover and wish to make that a source of income, we are here to help you.聽Please note that you are signing up to take care of different kinds of dogs. Some sweet and cuddly while others can be irritable and aloof. All depending on how they have been raised over the years. Every breed has it鈥檚 own characteristics, food habits etc. You would be required to have complete knowledge of all the dog breeds, their food habits and temperaments.Secondly, the place that you decide to open this daycare should not only be accessible to parents to drop them off but also should have various dogs around. You also have to make sure that the area is secure and fenced properly to ensure the security of all the animals that reside in your daycare. In addition to that, you can also build a pool for them to play and enjoy their day during the acute summer season.Third, you need to make sure you have experts around who know how to handle dogs that can sometimes be out of hand. You should also be constantly in touch with a vet in order to secure the dogs when their owners are away. You will also have to recruit helpers who can help in feeding the dogs and walking them on time.聽Fourth, it is very important for you to know the right people in the industry in order to market your brand well. Lastly, the legalities of the business and services being offered at the facility may vary depending on the kind of services you offer. If you also plan to sell things then you ave to be registered under the Shop and Establishment Act. Hope that answers your question :)聽聽
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