Need assistance in understanding the breed purity of rottweiler puppy ?

I am planning to buy a Rottweiler pup and have been offered a pup of 24 days. I am unable to find our whether the pup offered is pure or not, even though the breeder has sent me a pin of the puppy and his mum. Please help

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Hi MohitAs a norm, any puppy less than 45 days old should not be taken away from the mother. Puppies must have mother's milk to build their immunity and become physically strong. We would advise you not to take a 24 day old puppy. To understand whether a pup is pure bred or not, you will have to look at both the parents of the pup - the father and the mother. To understand about whether the Rottweiler is a pure bred or not, you may refer to WagPedia (https://)We wish you good luck!RegardsTeam DogSpot
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Hi Mohit,Do not buy from someone who is selling such a young puppy. The puppy will not be as healthy as one who has had lots of nutrients from the mother's milk.The puppy should be at least two months old before you bring it to your house.This purpose from whom you are buying the puppy also appears to be more interested in making money from selling the puppies instead of being a true breederThe puppy that you are buying will be with you for more than 10 years. He will depend on you for shelter and food. He will look upto you as his master. Buy only from a responsible breeder.Hope this helps.Kind RegardsDebashish Mukherjee
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yashkant gaur
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