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Need help on how to toilet train my 3 month old Cocker pup?

Hi, Need help on how to toilet train my 3 month old cocker pup. I take her for a walk after her meals, after she wakes up from sleep, but she would dirty the house when she gets back, rather than doing anything outside. Please advise how I can amend this habit. Warm regards.
By ashley855 · 28 Jun 2010 4:04 pm


By Hemanshu · 28 Jun 2010 5:40 pm
Section off a small area for her living space. Start out covering her entire confined area with absorbent paper.

Your mission is to gradually make her paper area smaller and smaller until you are left with a very small potty area. And then you will probably want to move her potty area exclusively to the great outdoors.

Keep her potty papers in one location. Do not put them throughout the house. She should have her one, defined, potty area in her sight at all times.

Try to change any dirty paper ASAP.

Dog will continue to use the potty where he/she smells even faint traces of his/her own waste. And a dog's urine contains ammonia. You can also use this to your advantage... Put some of her soiled papers exactly where you want her to go.

When you take your dog outside to potty, stay with him/her. Take him exactly where you want him to go using his collar and leash. You can also take his soiled paper with you and put it in the area where you would like for him to go. Give him around 15 minutes to do his business. If he doesn't go, then bring him back in. If he shows signs of having to go, then take him back outside.

Praise your dog when he potties on the designated papers or area. Don't go overboard in your praise though. In the wild, his mother would not. Whenever you catch your dog going in the wrong place - grab him and take him to his papers or designated area immediately, while saying "Bad Dog."

Hope this helps.
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