Do I need a special License to have a ROTTWEILER in India?

Do I need a special License to have a ROTTWEILER in India?
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No, in India, you don't need any license to keep this breed. You may however, register your pet with the nearest MCD office. Your dog will be examined by an MCD assigned Vet. The vet will examine your pet's Rabbies vaccination record and once it's okayed, MCD will issue a pet registration certificate. It's advisable you hang 'beware of dog' board on your entrance gate.
Right now registering pets with the local MCD office is not mandatory however, it may become compulsory in the days to come. This rule is irrespective of dog breed. Regarding Rottweilers, this breed is banned in countries like UK. The reason for this is most dog-related deaths in these countries is because of this breed.
If you are planning to keep this dog you need to follow some basic rules:
A) Adopt puppy from a reputable breeder who can show you the mother and father of the puppy. The temperament of mother will determine the temperament of puppy. If it's not possible to check the parents then go for KCI registered puppy as Certificate will confirm the puppy is of pure breed and there is no possibility of ill-breeding.
B) As a puppy, Rotties need a lot of socialisation. It's not a dog whom you can chain at the corner of your house. Need need a lot of mental and physical stimulation. A dog that's confined all day in the house may feel insecure and may pose a threat not just to outsiders but also their own owners. Rotties are very powerful dog and they don't hesitate to show their energy.
C) If you are keeping a dog for the first time, don't go for it. This breed is not advisable for beginners. You can rather go for Labrador, GSD, Japanese Spitz, etc which are easier to train.
Any doubts, just give a shout...
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I bought a 3 years old rotwilier it is good
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