I am looking for a 8-10 weeks old male lab puppy in Bangalore?

I am new to B'lore. I am looking for a 8-10 weeks old male lab puppy. My only condition is that I will have him checked before I bring him home. I dont want to buy without clear papers and NOT from a middle man. Only dog lovers/owners contact- anuradhadutta@hotmail.com
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If you are in bangalore then the best way to get a 8-10 week lab is "CUPA" you can contact Mr. Santosh on 9845366209 he will help you out. CUPA is an Animal Rescue Org and very active in bangalore. They have a good clinic at RT Nagar please contact Mr. Santosh for more detail. You can get a loads of other Indian Breed for adoption also other breeds.
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2010-06-15T21:40:52+0530 15 Jun 2010 9:40 pm
Sorry I mentioned it wrong the dogs available at CUPA are 1year and +
and i would like to mentioned that the CUPA dogs are neutered and spayed.
So if you are looking for a pet you could go for a adoption.
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