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How soon can i let the two ineract without the pug being in his crate ?

I now have a 2 1/2 month old male pug puppy, who was brought home today. Today he's been pretty much in his crate and my 5 month old male lab puppy has welcomed him by licking and sniffing him through the crate, while wagging his tail vigourously. Yet, the lab seems to be a wee bit scared of the pug and when we took the pug out for a dekko, the lab got a little excited... How soon can i let the two ineract without the pug being in his crate and how long will it be before they are bum chums? Anything special that i need to do or keep in mind while dealing with them or trying to make them friends?
By Rashmi Pandit · 13 Feb 2010 8:21 pm


By Spice Danes · 13 Feb 2010 8:55 pm
Hi Rashmi!
I would rather suggest you from my personal experience that try and socialize both the dogs from today itself. I was having 3 months old Lab and last month i got 1 1/5 year old Great Dane. The Lab behaviour suddenly changed, she started feeling that she will not have the same Love what she ws getting. But now after we socialized both the dogs they are the BEST!!! Trust me.

Socialization is very important factor no matter it between Dogs or Human Beings.

I would also like to add one thing that they cannot speak, but you make them feel what is wrong and what is correct they will never forget that till death, unlike human beings who keep on making mistakes.

Anyways heartly congratualtions and thanks for caring about your loved one. :)


Mandar Phadke

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By Runni · 15 Feb 2010 9:32 am
Start to socialize immediately. But this should be done under ur close supervision. Do not allow them to meet in ur absence for the time being. Labs, specially young ones, are very excitable in nature, so ur pups excitement is natural. Also they r not shy, so he will try to investigate the new crate & the new pet. Let him do so, but again keep a close watch.
Take both the pet in a room. Sit down with ur lab & some doggie treats. Keep the pug in crate & let ur lab meet him through the crate. If he welcomes the pug by licking, wagging his tail, etc then give him a treat. He will be excited for the first few minutes, let him jump & run. Gradually he will settle down. U can also call him & encourage him to sit beside u. Use the treat to do so. When he has calmed down, ask someone else to open the crate to let the pug out. Let the pug explore while to keep sitted with ur lab. U can also use a leash to control the lab, but do not pull him to hard. Let the pug approach the lab. U must not show any excitement/tension, be calm & indifferent when both r meeting each other. The lab may initially try to run away, lure him to be there by throwing some treats. Praise him a lot if he sniff/lick the pug. End the session before ur lab becomes totally excited again. Repeat the session again after a long break. Gradually they will become best friends.
And plz do not neglect ur lab bcoz of the new pet. Love both of them. Sit down with both ur pets & play once they r ok with each other. Keep training ur lab.
Best of luck. Hope this will help u.
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