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I zeroed in on Beagle and now I think I'm very undereducated to buy my first puppy.?

Ok So I've finally got the permission to bring home a dog. My friend's Lhasa had a serious role in this, so thanks Fredo! Alright, as the thing goes, anything that involves a bit of money has it's catch somewhere. I zeroed in on Beagle and now I think I'm very undereducated to buy my first puppy. Here's the story so far: I called up a couple of people, found the person at Cats and Dog's Clinic in CR PARK to be worthwhile and went to his shop. As I insisted on seeing not only the pup but the father, mother and meeting the breeder, he took me to RK Puram (In his own car) and we met a beer bellied, young man who probably knew his stuff. He showed us the father and the pup and answered all our questions. The sire and dame were both Champions, sire being imported from America via thailand and champ in all three countries. We saw the father and he looked good too. Price quoted was 18,500 with KCI and microchip. Now the dicey part: 1) The kennel was in RK Puram's govt flats and seemed illegal (The person was hush hush about it) while the breeder claimed to be the #1 breeder of Beagles in India and his dogs had won the KCI competitions for last 3 years, atleast he said so. 2) He didn't had the mother's papers. He showed me the mother's litter sister's papers and said it'll be the exact same with just the name and registration number changed. 3) He didn't had the father's papers too. He said they had gone to KCI because he wanted to get his kennel's names prefixed and would take atleast a month to come back. He showed me the paper's of another imported dog he owned (I don't know how it co-relates to the pup I was there for! his dad's friend maybe?). The thing was, he didn't had any photocopies either. 4) The pup was looking sad and droopy. Maybe he was waked up but he wasn't playing, running or even moving around. He also was howling a bit and the breeder said he wanted to go back inside the kennel. I am a novice so I don't know how a pup of 30 days should behave. Please elaborate on this. 5)the kennel itself was a bit smelly (Are the supposed to be with so many dogs inside?) 6) The middleman (Cats and dog's clinic, RK Puram) wanted me to pay a deposit immediately at 9.00pm in the evening to block the pup. I said I'll probably call back in the morning. So, what's the deal here? Am I being overly suspicious? Also, could somebody please help me in this regard? I've waited and waited for 10 years to buy a dog. Now that I have had the opportunity, I don't want to buy a bad specimen because he'll be a part of my life for the next 15+ years! Can somebody without any financial interests help me choose? Also, can you point me towards direct breeders in Delhi who breed only beagles (Or limited breeds with beagles being one of them?) I don't want to go to middlemen because I don't know why, I feel they are trying to fool me, specially because I'm completely new to the canine world! Thirdly, a way too long shot, does anyone have a beagle or a lhasa apso puppy that I can adopt?
By shak · 24 Jul 2009 2:57 am


By Dinkar Singh · 24 Jul 2009 12:15 pm
It is good to see both the parents together and all the pups so that you know yes they are the parents etc. Do not pick up any pup before it is atleast 2 month old regardless of what people say.

You are willing to pay a good amount and the right amount for a good beagle, although price varies depending on the quality and the parents being champions etc.There are a couple of good breeders in Delhi, one is Ajay Pratap Singh and his kennel is called I think blue bells and he has a website so check it out. Another is in Gurgaon, email Gaurav at gaurav@dogspot.in and he knows a good breeder in Gurgaon and will put you on to him. Now point wise:
1. Do your research on the net regarding the breeder and his dogs and also ask around.
2. Did you ask why the papers where not there and if sent for registeration then the puppies cannot be registered untill the mother and father are registered. See her imported papers etc. When imported.
3. No photocopies then it is fishy as all breeder keep photocopies just incase the original gets lost. How old are you as at times these brokers and not so good breeders try to take young guys or who dont know abt dogs for a ride.
4. 30 day pups are active for short time and then eat/ have milk and sleep. Do not buy a 30 old pup, it should be atleast 2 months old. Anyone selling before that is not a good breeder and is there to make money only.
5. A good breeder who has good dog/ valuable ones will take good care of them and will house them in a clean area to avoid infestions etc.
6. he is pressuring you into giving money which is not good at all. Wake away, does not seem to be a good breeder.

You have your fact and priorities right and I am happy as there are so many people who buy the first pup that comes across without doing proper research etc. take you time as it is going to be with you for the next 10 + yrs. I have already given you 2 breeders reference above, apart from that you have Mukul vaid in sanik farms, he is a breeder and judge so he should be a good bet also. Again his number etc will be on this website or on the net also. Otherwise let me know.

There are various shelters in delhi and they can help in adoption as these days so many pedigree dogs are up for adoption as people buy them without looking at the care and attention they require. Sai ashram is one who is on facebook also. They regularly have dogs and pups for adoption.

I will not advise you for maltese and bichon as they are no breeders here and will have to import one, again the cost plus the quality concern, If imported from the UK or US then the cost will be very high for a pet I think. Plus grooming concern etc. Lhasa are nice and since you have seen one you know the care needs etc. They will cost about 8 to 12 odd grand and will need their hair to be clipped in summer unless you keep it cool in the ac.

Hope I have been on help anything else contact me. All The Best!
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By shak · 24 Jul 2009 2:46 pm
Hi Kasmanda,

Thanks for your reply and the lead to two breeders in Delhi. I'll look into them.
Answering your questions

2) He said he had sent the papers to get his kennel name added as prefix. The mother and father were apparently registered but physical papers or even photocopies were not present.

3) You got it bang on, I'm 21 and I went their with a 17 year old friend (Fredo's owner) so we were changelings with little knowledge or authority. Perfect targets I guess.

4) I saw the pup only for 5 minutes so maybe it was his sleeping time. I'm sure the pup was 30 days old and the breeder said that since he is weaned and on royal canin, I can take him rightaway. He said the mother will kick him away in 5 days anyways.

5) He wanted a deposit and his prized possession, the sire was kind of shedding (I don't know, his coat was wet and smelly and had hair, don't know his own or some other dog's on him). Was it because it was raining that day ?

Thanks and I'll check with Mr. Mukul also. As for shelters, I'm actually lost on either a beagle or a lhasa... age and sex no bar... Do you think I'll be able to get this somewhere? I'll be more than happy to adopt!

Yes, I crossed out maltese and bichon from my list for the same reasons you mentioned. As for keeping a Lhasa cool, I'm a 21'st century couch potato who cannot live without his ac on 16 degrees so my lhasa would not be in a bad shape hehe.

Anyways, thanks once again for your answers and I'm on my quest!
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By shak · 24 Jul 2009 9:14 pm
Blue Bells Beagles quoted me @ 25K for a pup and 30K for pick of the litter. He had the pick available with him right now. This is a bit over my budget but I'll go and have a look for sure. Looking for more breeders...
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By Rana Atheya · 24 Jul 2009 9:32 pm
Thts cheap- i thot blue bells is always 35k+
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By Dinkar Singh · 25 Jul 2009 9:32 am
Well some time back I had enquired about a pup for a friend and he had quaoted 18 odd. It depends on the parents and also the pup. If you are not interested in showing then why go for a show dog go for a pet quality pup from the same breeder. Also see the mother pick of the litter means that Ajay's dog was used by someone else and it is not neccessary that the female was a nice one. He also has at times 8 month old pups which he does not want to keep as they are not really show show quality and you can ask for them too.

Speak to him generally about beagles etc and then tell him that your budget is about 18 and does he have anything for that amount, but do check parents and pups properly, as these days one hears of a lot of fraud being done by so called good breeders also, although I do not think Ajay should do such a think, but cant say.
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By shak · 25 Jul 2009 11:31 am
Update: I called Mr. Sharat Sharma (9810360583). He said he is moving to golden retrievers now and he has only a 5 month puppy available with him. He'll sell it for his usual price @ 35K. The problem is 35K is a somewhat expensive + shouldn't a grown up pup be cheaper than 2 month old kids?

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By shak · 25 Jul 2009 11:31 am

I don't know, 2 years down the line, I might get interested in showing my dog, but still pet quality pups can become show quality ones, isn't it ?
I'm meeting Mr. Ajay in the evening today, lets see what happens...

Another question is what to see in the dogs and the puppies? I mean I'm a newbee and can't really differentiate a good dog from a bad one...

Another Another Question: Is it easier to find Lhasa Apsos in Delhi ? Any breeders someone can suggest ?
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By Dinkar Singh · 25 Jul 2009 4:59 pm
The dog world unfortunately now days has less of genuine people and more of business type people, you need to be careful. I am surprised by the prices being quoted. I guess you need to do some more research or better way for the dog show in Noida, Gurgaon and delhi to get a chance to see more beagles and decide what type you like plus get a chance to speak to other breeders also and get better prices.

There is standard for all dog breeds which is considered to be the best or idol dog, but there is no much thing as perfect dog and it comes only may be once in a life time. I have been fortunate enough to have 2 such dogs in the past but that is a rarity. So a show dog is one that comes closest to being a perfect dog as on paper, as for a pet dog it has certain things that does not qualify it as a show dog, for example its bite may not be ok or a slight colouring problem, ears, there are so many things.

Since you are so interested in dogs, you should first study the breed that you want and only then jump into buying one so that you know what you are looking for. For example there is a 13'" and a 15" beagle. I prefer and like the smaller one that is 13". Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have justed imported a dog for myself and with it came a beagle who I was to hand over to someone else. Frankly speaking I did not like the dog at all and there are better dogs in India and must have costed quite a bit, but then I guess the buyer liked him or does not know much about beagles. That too it came from the States.

Forget about showing etc it is not easy and I think you r looking as a companion pet etc. You need to have your priorities straight, so that you are not disappointed later. I dont see a chance of someone like you who knows nothing about breed standards etc to win anything specailly with so many imported champions etc....dnt get me wrong.

Beagles and Lhasa are two different breeds and have different traits and care requirements also so first be clear on what you want, hope u r not just wasting my time. Rana_vr1 on top has Lhasa's speak to him.
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By shak · 25 Jul 2009 8:38 pm
I went to Blue Bells Beagles. Horrid Place with open drains full of flies!!! No, I'm not talking about the kennel. Kennel was clean (It was a house rather) and the person Mr. Ajay was excellent to talk with. I met the piano man, cheeto and piano man's son, all excellent beagles. I also saw the puppies and they were very cute. I was offered the pick of the litter for Rs.25K, that's 5K less than what I was quoted on the phone.

I am begining to think that beagles are too smelly for me, or aren't they? I don't know but all the beagles I've seen, (both at rk puram and at blue bells make my hands smelly as hell (and somewhat wet) when I run a single hand on their coat. It this because these are show dogs and bathed infrequently, or these are kennel dogs so aren't cared about as much as a pet at home would be or what?

I like everything about the breed and the dogs I've seen, snoopy ears, barking, howling, energetic behavior, temperament, everything. The only problem I've realized is the wet touch and accompanying smell. Are all hounds musky and smelly or is it the rainy season making them wet and smelly?

This is really diverted my mind away from the beagles because my family (and me too) won't be able to adjust to a smelly to touch dog. Moreover, Fredo's two visits has floored my parents and siblings and they are really pushing me for a lhasa. I'm very confused.
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By shak · 25 Jul 2009 8:55 pm

Firstly, I'm sorry if I appeared to be stupid somewhere but I'm not trying to waste your time here. You are actually helping me a lot and answering my questions, thanks and I really check this thread 50 times a day for your return answer. I'm just a bit confused between two breeds. In an ideal world, I'll buy both of them (Rather I would've had both of them for years now and we would be happy here. Unfortunately, I have to choose, and I'm bad at choosing. I know these are completely different breeds but hey, two different breeds can appeal to you at the same time!

Your points on visiting dog shows, the ideal dog and forgetting about showing my pet are all well noted. As for your point on first studying the breed and then buying, I'm trying to do exactly that, I'm just a little too uneducated in the canine world to do that very properly. That's why I'm asking for yours and other's help. My priority is 100% a companion first. If it's show quality and turns out to be too good, I might show him (Rather I should say, I don't mind showing him and investing my time for shows etc). That's definitely not my plan or motive though.

What exactly did you not like in the beagle though? And also, was it smelly to touch? I mean did your hand had a very strong musky odor after running a hand on his coat?

I think what I need is a owner of a beagle who'll let me come to his house and see his pet. I've seen a lhasa and I like him as a pet and know all the requirements, problems, care etc. I lack that knowledge about a beagle. I'm feeling that the breeders keep their dogs quite differently than the owners of a single pet. Maybe it's because of the quantity of the dogs, whatever, I don't know. But I really need to visit a beagle owner and I don't know one.

I'm bending towards a lhasa for now, unless somebody shows me that beagles don't smell!

PS: His lhasa never ever smells. Even if it does (It did only once in the last 2 years that I've seen him), it's not that musky and dog-stink like.
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By Vizal · 25 Jul 2009 11:36 pm
I run a pet boarding, we get a lot of beagles and other breeds at home, as this is a home based boarding service. I guess you are right that beagles have a peculiar smell, however that’s not a major concern. I believe Beagle's attitude should be a bigger concern than Smell. I have found beagle very stubborn, do what so ever they do not listen. I have found Cocker Spaniels, Lhasas, Golden Retrievers, Labradors and Pugs are not stubborn, listen to commands and obey a lot.
@shaklebolt Highly appreciate the kind of research you are doing for deciding the breed
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By Dinkar Singh · 26 Jul 2009 10:14 am
search and visit the American beagle club and or for similar breeds of your interest and you will find all the info on that particular breed including living with one, are you the right owner for it, breed standards etc. or even the British breed club
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By Benny Kennels · 26 Jul 2009 7:55 pm
Fine, let me talk some thing about Lhasa apso here. Me being living with Lhasa apsos for the past few years can give you an over view of Lhasa apso. They have a very good temperament and they always like to please their owners and will soon learn to listen to your commands. They are good with well behaved children and will be a good watch dogs (not guard dogs). Only thing that bothers people when thinking, talking and seeing a Lhasa apso is the hair, but its manageable with a short cut once in 3 months or 4 months. They don't have foul smell if bathed and brushed on regular basis. They can come at a lesser price tag when compared to Beagles. Have a look at my Lhasa apsos and puppies.
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By Dinkar Singh · 27 Jul 2009 5:10 pm
5 yr old dachund for adoption if you are interested, plus point will not have trouble potty training him or getting your furniture etc chewed. They are nice dogs.
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By shak · 28 Jul 2009 9:37 am

Thanks for your inputs. I knew beagles were stubborn but I was thinking since I'm getting a pup, I might be able to bend them my way with a little extra training and love.

I have looked at the American and British club's website, nothing that I haven't read elsewhere on the web. I guess all the small websites copy from there, that's why the info was repetitive (to the point of being verbatim). Also, thanks a lot for your adoption cue. I will pass this on, I'm really interested in bringing up a dog from his early days and have prepped up myself and my family for the same. Suddenly bringing up a grown up dog who might not adjust with me can make it difficult I guess. This may sound funny to someone who has grown up with or had dogs for ages but I'm 21 and we haven't had a pet in those 21 years. It a big change for us, and although a good change, but still needs adjusting to.

Daschunds are really nice and I hope this one will find a good home!
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By shak · 28 Jul 2009 2:42 pm
I've almost 99.99% decided what I want now:

Lhasa Apso, as white as possible :)
So I'm actively looking for a Lhasa now. I rang around 8-10 guys who had advertisements for lhasas online but nobody seemed to care about the papers. KCI was either unheard of, too expensive, too cumbersome or hush hushed out of the conversation. BennyKennels was excellent to talk with, the price is doable for me, father is a champion, all papers etc but the white one is sold out!
I'm pestering him to ask the buyer to let me have the white one, lets see what happens... I'm totally in love with the white one in the photograph with his tongue popping out! My kind of puppy! Really Really want that one.

Dude, I request you to somehow make the other person agree on the white one! The pup will really enjoy with me, get my love and the attention of guests from all over the world (I run a homestay) and everything else!
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By Benny Kennels · 29 Jul 2009 9:43 am
Thank you for ur comments on Benny Kennels dude. I am talking to the other person on your behalf. Hope something happen by today. Let us see.

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By shak · 31 Jul 2009 5:28 pm
I'm going to purchase a Lhasa from Mr. Partha Shekhar Chatterjee unless Jeyaraj confirms the availability of the white puppy by tomorrow. Can anybody confirm that Mr. Chatterjee is good and there's no problem wiring the money first ? Mr. Rana recommended him so he must be ok, let me know guys.

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By Dinkar Singh · 31 Jul 2009 6:13 pm
I am told that quite a few so called good breeders can also cheat you regarding a pup. But then at times pups dont really turn out to be show show dogs even if their parents are champions and I have personally experienced it when I was actively involved with Rottweilers.

But still check out the pup properly and its parents and papers, although I dont think Mr. PS Chatterjee will do any wrong. But someone I know bought a show pom pup from him and was not happy, but like I said it can happen to anyone looking for a show pup.

All the best.
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By shak · 31 Jul 2009 6:16 pm
I cannot check the pup since I'm delhi and he's in Calcutta. Any other way you could suggest I could do a confirmatory check?
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By Dinkar Singh · 01 Aug 2009 8:41 am
let pictures of the pup front, side and back shots otherwise a video is the best but I dout it if in India breeders would do it. See both the parents and ask to see their papers all can be done via email. Ask to see the puppy's papers or if there is any copy of the form sent for registeration. Generally long distance is not that safe and it is better to go see the pups etc yourself. Otherwise its ok if you like the parents etc plus you are basically looking for a pet so it does not make so much of a difference.

If you book flight tickets in advance you can get really cheap rates and then you can do bring the pup yourself also.

This is a choice you have to take.
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By shak · 09 Aug 2009 2:44 am
Finally, Jeyaraj from BennyKennels has persuaded Mr. Logesh to let me have the white puppy, his litter has been inspected so my doggy is ready to come to me. I'll wire him the money Monday morning and hopefully my puppy will be with me the same day or on Tuesday. I'm so excited!

Thank you guys for helping me out and specially Kasmanda and Mr. Rana who really helped me in this extensive search.

I also have a list of around 20 breeders/dealers etc that I compiled through various sources to help me on the way that might come in useful to someone who's starting fresh on the mission. It has the name, address, phonenumbers, and some remarks that I wrote as notes for each of these breeders... If somebody needs this, please email me @ shaklebolt@gmail.com and I'll be happy to help.

Next step, I'm looking forward to welcoming my puppy home, getting him acclimitized and then starting his training. I'm relying on google but if you have any links to a good site/book etc that can help new dog owners getting their first dog, I'll love to see them!

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By Rana Atheya · 09 Aug 2009 7:28 pm
I u are in Delhi, we can meet up. would love to catch up on Lhasa Apso, thr are v few serious lhasa breeders around here
BTW I am a fan of Benney Kennels and would like to compliment my kennel by thr lines sm day
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