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Is it good to feed Chappati to dog? Is wheat is good for Dogs?

ONLY EXPERTS ADVICE: I feed my German Shepherd dog of 6 months, mixture of Royal canin puppy food,Rice,Milk,Curd(sometimes). And Occasional veggies(carrot,pumpkin,peas) ,2 times egg a week. Now I was wondering if I can feed him home-made Roti's n Chappati's with no oil(Not as main food but 2-3 rotis or chappatis in the evening time daily). I ask this because I have heard about wheat not being a good food for dogs. Have 10 yrs of experience myself. So experts opinion only. Please.
By Pritam · 23 Apr 2011 1:47 am


By xceww · 23 Apr 2011 12:10 pm
These are based on nutritional facts related to dogs.
1.You shouldn't mix packaged food with cooked food. Choose one.
2.Dairy products breakdown into lactose, which can cause skin allergies.
3. Wheat and rice are both grains and dogs have no dietary use of grains and they can cause skin allergies.
4.Why is there no meat and eggs in the diet? Are you a vegetarian?
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By Pritam · 28 Apr 2011 1:04 am
Well he gets all the protein content through royal canin as it has real high protein content i.e 32%....Eggs.....I feed it like 3 times a week for calcium....Raw meat i use for training as treats....I'm not a vegetarian....But i also dont want to give extra pressure to my dog's bones as it is in its growing stage...So i prefer to keep the protein content on the lower side...Coz higher the protein...The more faster he's gonna grow but with weak undeveloped bones....So i balance it wid a bit veggies too.
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