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I wanted to understand is drools also a good brand?

HI , i owe a Pug puppy 2 months old now. I started with wheat cerelac & then slowly switched to Dog food pedigree puppy young weaning. but my doctor asked me to feed him drools. wanted to understand is drools also a good brand? + now he has stopped eating cerelac from 2 -3 days. please suggest me what is the issue? & how better i can care for him? + if any registration can be done? i have taken my puppy from a vet . Note: his first level of vaccination i.e DHL is done .
By mandeep · 08 Apr 2011 12:35 pm


By KamalRaj J Kuppal · 08 Apr 2011 4:57 pm
I do have pug puppy two months old. Please dont give him drolls or pedigree, try to give him Royal Canin Mini Starter soaked in warm water (75 gms per day/ 25 gms x 3 times) or else you can also give him Hills Science Plan Mini.
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By mandeep · 08 Apr 2011 5:19 pm
thanks for your reply.appreciate it.
what about cerelac ? he has stopped eating that. that vet recommend me add dog food with cerelac till he is 3 months old.
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By KamalRaj J Kuppal · 08 Apr 2011 5:37 pm
no need of cerelac, my pug is 2 months old and i am giving him science plan mini soaked with warm water.
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By sindhoor · 10 Apr 2011 1:07 pm
Commercial dog foods are quite well balanced and do not need any additional food like cerelac or milk. Your puppy should be fine with the prescribed feed quantity of Royal Canin or Hills Science Plan. The feed portion will be given by the manufacturer on the packet or their website.

Also, do monitor your puppy's weight and compare to standard growth chart for your breed (your vet should be able to give you this). If he is growing well, then her diet might be fine and you might not have to do anything else.

If your puppy eats commercial dog food dry, then you don't even have to soak it. You can give the food dry. This serves the purpose of cleaning your dogs teeth as well. Just ensure there is enough water for your dog to drink, as these pet foods are slightly dehydrating.
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By Supritha Jonnavittula · 28 Jul 2011 1:58 pm
Hey.. even i have a Lab puppy 2months old.. and even i feed it with cerelac.. I've had two germansheperds before.. So first off all stop feeding your dog pedigree.. Pedigree is a very low standard food which is not suitable for dogs.. Pedigree even contains corn which may cause skin problems, hair fall and bad odour from dogs.. you can check out what to feed your dog on www.dogfoodanalysis.com :)
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By Sonali Sharma · 20 Jan 2012 5:55 pm
Dear Mr.Kamal Raj,
I am not convinced with your answer i tried drools personally on my golden retriever puppy and observe good growth and within one year he becomes stronger muscular with shiny silky coat.
As per my twenty year experiencing in dog breeding i found drools equivalent to RC and Hills Science and cost vise its value for money.
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By priti · 20 Jan 2012 6:41 pm
Cerelac is designed for human babies it contains less proteins, minerals and vitamins. puppies needs four times more protein, seven times more minerals then us. feeding cerelac can make puppies fatty with poor muscles and not good for log tern.

This may be reason that your vet asked to stop cerelac and switch over to Drools which is premium food contains high quality of protein from chicken and egg. Drools also contains good amount of vitamin E which helps in immunity development.
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By Mounisha Gummadi · 09 Aug 2014 3:59 pm
hi !! i owe a pug of 45days ...now it was in d age of 2months...!!
it stopped eating cerelac ... it was just eating only dosa...!!
what should i do ??? suggest friendZ plZ !!
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By Sahil EDU · 28 Dec 2014 11:40 pm
I own a pug puppy of 26 days now she s n cerelac diet
Simply eating sleeping n playing
My vet told me to give fidele dog food for puppy
What should I do??????
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By Lily wang · 11 Jun 2017 8:32 pm
Taking care of pets is not an easy task by any means. Keeping tabs on their food and nutrition is a job on its own. After all, your pet’s health is majorly based upon what it eats. Being a dog owner, you would always want the best for your pet. Walking into your local pet store and figuring out what type of dog food to buy can turn into a daunting task for many.
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