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We have tapped its ear last week using the cold drink strow, help?

to, Pennypup, we have tapped its ear last week using the cold drink strow on its back of the ear glueing the same and there is noticable improvement. About your question regarding the problem in it parents, there is no such probem in its parents neither in its litter. As we have tapped its ear the hair from its ear is gone is it the concern or the same will be recovered? if yes how much time will it take. for your information Father is V - rated in 2010 and the mother is indian champian in 2010. I have its current picture how should i posted on my profile?
By KRUNAL BHAVSAR · 12 Dec 2011 11:06 am


By Ayon Saha · 12 Dec 2011 12:40 pm
When you are watching this...you can also see your name in the "Question Text Area", as "By: KRUNAL BHAVSAR". Simply click there...you will be re-directed to your profile page. There, near the buttom of the right pane you will find a section "My Dog(0)", in red color where you will find a button with caption "Start Now". Click there....a form should open up...fill it as requisite and upload the pics clicking the link, "Add/Remove dogs picture", in the section "Dog pictures (upto 4 pictures only)", some where near the middle of the form.

Hope, it works!!
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By pennypup · 12 Dec 2011 7:28 pm
I'm glad you are seeing improvement!

Sometimes some puppys just don't have the strength of cartilage needed to hold their ears up initially. Taping simply helps hold the ear until the cartilage is firm.

His fur will grow back on his ear, don't worry. Once you are done taping, the fur should grow back after a month or two.

For posting photos, follow Ayon Saha's advice. =]
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