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How to train puppy for hand shake?

Hi, people over there! I have 4 months old Rottweiler. How should I teach him to shake hand when asked to do so. Please I need your help! Thank you for your patience.
By Sukesh Ved · 06 May 2011 5:29 pm


By Bijal · 07 May 2011 10:31 am
check it video on youtube for training. Treat is the most imp. motivation for dogs to do something.
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By xceww · 07 May 2011 12:42 pm
Does he know the sit command to start with?
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By Thilak · 08 Jun 2011 3:03 am
there are two ways to teach shake hand

1) Hard way (not recommended, mostly used by local trainers)
Knock his front leg (just like how you do to the carrom striker), he will tend to pick his leg up due to pain, intially he may not identify the reason, so keep repeating it with the shake hand command, eventally he will learn. While you are knocking please be gentle hes your friend you want to hurt him to do a trick..this is not a recommended way, but this can work

2) Treat (this the best way)
Hold the treat in your hand (closed) the treat can be a piece of chicken or meat or some of your dogs favourite treat. He will try to open your hand with mouth, discourage him, then he will try your hand, release the hand and let him have the treat, repeat this process till he understand the command shake hand....this trick has been successful tested by me to teach my shera Shake hand, Left Hand, Right Hand, Hify Left, Hify Right...

Again consitancy is the key of the training, dont hit him or scare him if he learns in the treat mode or chearful mode he will enjoy giving you shake hand at drop of your hand.....
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