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Guide for selecting a labrador puppy ?

I am planning to buy a labrador puppy . I went to enquire about the pup at pet shop and a breeder too . The puppies are priced as follows : HARD BONED BREED (1 and 1/2 month ) Rs 8000 with KCI papers. Normal One (1 month) : Rs 6500 and Rs 7000 with KCI papers . 2 month old : Rs 15000 with KCI papers . I am in a big fix as I am not able to judge whom should I go in for . All of them are male golden coloured pups but are from different shops . As they are not from the same litter so I am really finding it difficult to choose and also which shop owner should I trust . Frenz plz help me as I need to decide this by sunday .....
By shaily · 01 Apr 2011 8:56 pm


By viji nair · 02 Apr 2011 4:28 pm
this happens a lot when u search to buy a puppy.
difference is the blood line of the pups ,import and champion blood line will cost you more...
just check the parents of the pup before buying because they will tell you, what exactly u r going buy...
So..you can find out whether your money is worth for it or not
hope my suggestions work for you
viji nair

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By Navjot Singh · 03 Apr 2011 7:11 pm
Hi Shaily, I've seen puppies which belong to imported parents are rated very heavily. Same is a case with puppies with registration papers. You mentioned puppies with KCI papers for rs 8000 and 7000, thats very surprising. Are you sure they are KCI registered? Just check that again. It must be puppy registered with local kennel club not KCI registered because a KCI registered puppy costs 5000rs more than a non registered puppy. If you are really being offered a KCI registered puppy at this price than go for it! but check if it's KCI registered or local kennel club registered.
One prefers a KCI registered puppy just to insure that parents of the puppy are also of the same breed as that of the puppy. KCI defines the breed standards and certifies the dog only if it meets the breed standards.
This is the only rationale behind preferring a registered puppy. If you can't afford a registered puppy then it's ok to buy a non registered one but make sure you have a look at the parents of the litter. Make sure puppy is not younger than 8 weeks. Before you take a puppy home, make sure no liquid is coming out of their eyes or ears. Offer some feed to it and if it comes happily to accept it, then puppy is most probabily healthy but it's advisable to take puppy to vet before you take him home.
Try not to buy puppy from pet stores as they are kept in a very sorry state, try to buy from a breeder.

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By Navjot Singh · 03 Apr 2011 7:33 pm
Another thing is to make sure vaccination schedule is followed religiously by you. Just to give you a background, a month old puppy is first dewormed and this continues every 15 days until the puppy turns 3 month old. The puppy is vaccinated for the first time when it's 2 months old, this immunes the puppy against some deadly canine diseases. Contact the vet to understand follow ups of vaccination. When puppy turns 3 month old, vaccinate him against Anti- Rabies. Seek vet's advice about follow ups of boosters.
Untill 3 months, make sure the puppy is not taken out for a walk and is not bathed as this is the time they are prone to infections.

If you need any more advise about puppy care, let me know.

Navjot Singh
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By Gopal Krishna · 03 Apr 2011 8:38 pm
You must not get any puppy less than 45 days and i will recommend 60 days.
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By Thilak · 08 Jun 2011 1:54 am
Try buying the puppy from the proper breeder not from puppy mills ....as the papers / micro chips are easily availble in grey market...so they get you a puppy from a puppy mill and give you the papers of some other parents....

Again before buying you decide why you want the puppy, you want to get him to the show ring, wanna give him some extra training / using him/her as a human assistance.... then you get in touch with a proper breeder and then get a puppy.

If you want a simple pet, dont bother about papers...get the puppy you want...

Again this is my experience....some might differ my view point
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