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Want to know, whether my labrador ten month old is growing well??

I am a proud owner of a 10 month old female Labrador retriever. I have great difficulty feeding her. Since, I am single and working, I mostly depend on Pedigree food for her. However, I feed her chicken/mutton at least twice a week. I also feed her soybean chunks boiled in chicken/mutton stock. She loves eating fruits so she has plenty of bananas, papaya, apples, cucumber, tomatoes and other seasonal fruits. I have trouble feeding her rice and I have to mix it with little yogurt. Even chapatis are not to her liking and after 2-3 servings, she just won't eat them. I usually give chapati with milk/pulse/chicken stock. She eats properly but only when I sit in front of her and feed her. She is exactly like a child when it comes to eating and unlike the other dogs that my family has reared, she needs a lot of coaxing to eat. This is the first time, I am rearing a dog all by myself. She is about 21 inches tall now. I just want to know what do I need to do to train her to eat properly. Obviou
By Smita Minz · 30 Sep 2013 5:35 pm


By Navjot Singh · 06 Oct 2013 7:08 pm
Smita, it seems you have spoiled ( though inadvertently ) your dog's habit. As mentioned, you are feeding almost everything to your pet, ie fruits, chicken, roti, dog food, yogurt, etc. Like, humans, dogs also become choosy in eating and they'd eat what they like the most. You are feeding a lot of things to your dog and that's not required. If you want to feed commercial food, then you shouldn't feed home-cooked food, if you are feeding home-cooked, then you don't need to feed commercial food.
By keeping so many options, you have not just confused yourself, you have also confused your pet!! Just follow a basic rule: Schedule the feeding timing of your dog - 7:00 AM in morning, 3:00 PM in afternoon and 07:00 PM in evening. This is just an illustration. You can customize it as per your situation.
Keep the food in the boil for 10 minutes, take the food off and feed it the next time. Don't let the food stay on the bowl. Don't add things to entice the dog into eating. Keep the food for 10 minutes, wait for her to finish and remove the bowl. By doing this, you are reinforcing a good habit. Your dog will learn that it has to eat it, whether she likes it or not, to soothe the hunger.
You should take the dog to the vet after every 3 months, get her weight checked. Female Labs should weigh between 32-35 kg. But, weight can also vary according to the pedigree of the dog. For example, should quality dogs weigh more than their working counterparts. But the bottom line is your dog should never be over-weight.
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By Shruti Eusebius · 25 Mar 2014 2:02 pm
I understand your dilemma because I have a dog who had the same habits and I was to blame.
I learnt that tough love is the only way to break the habit of dependance on your presence for the dog to eat. I did this by giving my dog food at a designated place and left the room. Ignored the dog and carried on with my work. If my dog had not eaten the food i would take it away. ( Dont feel guilty for leaving him hungry. He is far from starving)
Did this once or twice and my dog realised he wouldnt get any special invitation to eat. It worked for me and im sure it will work for you.
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