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Any ideas on how to get my pug adjusted to the new food?

My pug recently turned one and the vet advised me to start giving him adult food for small breed. Until now, he has been eating puppy food meant for dogs of all sizes and has been sharing it with my other dog, a labrador puppy. In fact, they have been eating out of the same bowl. On the vet's advice I bought adult food for small breed and tried feeding my pug separately. On day 1 he ate well, but since then he has not been eating much of it. I think he wants to continue sharing puppy food with my lab puppy. I tried feeding them in separate bowls but in the same room, but that didnt work. So I tried feeding them in separate rooms without one getting to see what the other was eating. But both dogs seem unhappy about this also. Any ideas on how to get my pug adjusted to the new food and on how to stop him from demanding the lab's food or wanting to share the lab's food while he is fed?
By Rashmi Pandit · 01 Dec 2010 12:46 pm


By Gopal Krishna · 01 Dec 2010 10:50 pm
Try doing this:
Take their food in separate bowl and first call your pug and command him to sit, and down. If he do so give him food and praise him by touching him.

Repeat the same with lab puppy. Place his plate near him but keep a bit distance.
And finally praise both the dog. This will improve the pack order. And keep smiling all the time let the dog sense your happiness and confidence.
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Hi, I have 5 pugs ranging from 4 years to 10 months, All that you need to remember is to ensure that your pug is well fed; it really does not matter if he eats only puppy food as long as he is healthy.my 4 year old still eats royal canine stater pack. Also if you can you can try feeding both your dogs home cooked food i.e chicken boiled with rice with maybe a tablespoon of dhal, a carrot a pinch of turmeric and a pinch of salt. you can pressure cook this and feed both your dogs. If you want to wean your pug completely off the puppy food give him adult food mixed with the puppy food ,slowly increase the adult food as you decrease the quantity of puppy food soon he will get used to the taste and start eating the adult food.
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