Puppy has a bump on head from injury, and it has been there for a week

Hello, I have this 4 month old puppy and he likes to play really rough. Before one week he hit his head while playing, and since then he has this head bump. It was bigger in size, almost the size of an egg but we applied warm compresses and it got smaller. But it is still there. He acts totally normal, but should I be worried? How long does it take for the bumps to completely go away?
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If your puppy has a bump on their head and it has been there for more than a month it might be timeto see a veterinarian. There are always going to bumps on the heads of every dog, but the size andlocation are important. If you are worried about what is happening with your puppy, then make sureto take them to the veterinarian and know what you should be looking for.What is the Bump?One thing you need to do with a puppy is know to look for to keep them healthy. The bumps thatevery puppy gets is called their “knowledge bump” and there are breeds where they are moreprominent. However, it is officially called the occiput, which is a natural occurrence in dogs and it isthere for a few reasons, such as: Movement with the spine – This bump can help the dog in terms of movement when it comesto the spine. Their spine is more flexible than ours, which is why the bump can help the headmove in the right direction. Skull protection – The main reason that the occiput is there on dogs is so that it can protectthe skull. The more protection the skull has then there are fewer chances of damage whenthey are hit on the head or when they run and walk. This was also useful in olden days wherethere were more predators so the dog would have more chances of surviving the attacks. Nerve endings – Some nerve endings are placed here and the bump is to protect them. Thenerve endings are sensitive and the more protection they have the better, which would causeless pain. This is one of the main reasons that it is there, so make sure to keep an eye on it.These are just a few of the main reasons that this bump exists and you need to know what you shouldbe looking for.What to Look ForAlso, knowing what to look for on your puppy can help to calm you and soothe your worries. Somethings to look for includes: Changes in the appearance of the occiput Bruising caused by hard blows Hair loss in the surrounding areaThe bump is always there and if you see any changes you need to visit the veterinarian immediately.Some of these changes would be due to age, but you can never be too safe when it comes to yourdogs. The only way that you would be able to tell if these are due to illness or old age is by talking tothe veterinarian and having tests done on your puppy.Make sure that you know what the bump is on their head and what the occiput does for them. Thisbump is natural and all puppies have one and it can help to protect their skull and the nerve endings.However, if it changes significantly, then you are going to want to visit the veterinarian to make surethat there is nothing severe happening.
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