Puppy is teething and wont be on a leash! Need to find a solution!

I have a boxer puppy who is just over 2 months now. The puppy is teething and he has toys with him to chew on. But thats not enough for him. every time he sees someone walking in the house, he will come and dig is teeth in people calves or denims or shorts. It has become extremely difficult for us to have any guests in the house because he chewing on every possible thing. People are scared to enter the house now.Apart from this he wont go on a leash. I put him on a leash and he starts barking non stop. Then i wook him off the leash and left him in 1 room with the ac and the fan on but he wont stop barking. I need to find a solution as to when i have guests in the house, the puppy needs to stay away from biting the guests.Cant find a way, please suggest!

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give your dog training with treat.
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