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Can members of the forum can throw some light on this?

A question to the forum members. Mr. Ansh had invited members of DogSpot to adopt dogs seized from Kolkata (Sunday market at Galib Street). However on the day, he declared that he had seized the dogs, I got information, that no such thing happen in Galib street. I have seen various earnest requests from DogSpot members, who want to adopt those puppies. But no positive response from Mr Ansh! 1) Now, the post ????or Adoption : Puppies & Adult Dogs???? has been deleted from the site. 2) Mr. Ansh asked to refer http://www.dogsbreeders.in (I think Mr. Ansh was the morderator of the site). Presently the site shows ????ccount Suspended????. Can members of the forum can throw some light on this?
By DoggieBuddy · 24 Jun 2010 9:31 am
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By classiboy · 24 Jun 2010 4:28 pm
Did anyone in this forum ever received pup/dogs from Ansh or his institution as adoption. If I remember correctly he later changed his name from Ansh to some Doctor mentioning he was a doctor ? Cannot validate until someone who knows him and true, pen down his/ her thoughts.
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By Hameed Sulaiman · 26 Jun 2010 4:36 pm
Last month there was a post from Ansh stating that he had stocks of Solid gold and is official distributor for Artemis dog food. I found out he was fraud and i proved it by mailing artemis directly and posted the reply in DOGSPOT and the next day he deleted the post. Two people supported Ansh but then it was deleted, even earlier once ansh said that he had adopted some 50+ dogs from circus and then those were street dogs but then he said it had labradors and german shepherds, well it was followed by a reply stating that he has done great work and if need help regarding money and then he gave an mail id were people can make donotions. I think his ultimate idea is to trap dog lovers kind heart to make donations. What a cheap guy. if i hadn't found about the dog food he would have asked for deposits and ran away with it.
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By Hameed Sulaiman · 30 Jun 2010 9:03 pm
I tried that link is not working
It point to home only
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By Admin · 01 Jul 2010 1:33 pm
It is not going as an article but here is the content:

This is in response to a post of June 24, 2010 made by DoggieBuddy from Kolkata. The post that Ansh “artist” had made on April 25, 2010, regarding adoption of rescued dogs at Ranchi and Kolkata was for a limited number of purebreds, the rest being street mutts and as he had provided with an e-mail address to contact him where he was providing his mobile # for those approved by him, one was supposed to contact him there and not continue making query posts at DogSpot. It was not a free-for-all. Only those applicants who were surveyed and approved by his DRSI members would get to adopt. Approved proposed owners for larger breed adults & pups far from Ranchi were supposed to arrange the transportation cost by aeroplane while smaller breed pups were to be collected by such proposed owners from Ranchi itself. Please, you must understand that the rescued pups/adults are/were his property and he is free to decide to whom to give. This is not similar to a sale. Again, Ansh’s post has been blocked by those running this website as its purpose has been served and may ultimately show up as an archive. The result will be the same if you go to Ansh’s profile and click at the said block from there. . What I have heard from Ansh is that all rescued dogs had been adopted in Ranchi or neighboring areas as distant proposed owners had failed to arrange for air transportation for larger breeds.
I too on April 15, 2010, had made a separate post here at for adoption of an Indian or German Spitz adult dog but then, at the end of May deleted it as purpose of it had been served when Ansh on his own on May 14th had offered me a seven-month-old Spitz that had been under his care since it was eight weeks old. A similar post for adoption still stands at DogsIndia dated April 19 where too I will put in a request to delete once the semi-adult from Ansh reaches my home.
Now we come to the subject of Ansh having become incommunicado. As to what I heard from Ansh on June 25th to whom I was able to get through to from a common source in Ranchi. His younger brother, carrying Ansh’s mobile, and a friend on June 21 were carrying the last lot of six pups (including one for me) in a crate for delivery having started from Dhanbad (Chattisgarh) on a proposed delivery tour that would end in Delhi with delivery of a Dalmation puppy to a lady after which they were to reach Vellore where Ansh was based doing his internship as a cardiologist surgeon and his mother too was in hospital stay there after having undergone surgery for gallbladder calculi. However, on way to their first stop at Gaya (Bihar) for delivery of two pups to Captain Peeyush, they had disappeared. On June 25th when he was narrating this incident to me from Dhanbad, I had asked him to contact the respective State Railway Protection Forces (RPF) between Dhanbad and Gaya and to his luck he heard that they had been found in the luggage yard of a railway station about 100 km from Gaya and that they seemed to have been waylaid and assaulted but not robbed. Seems this was a job done by some jealous rivals. The frightened pups had spilled out of the crate that they were in and hidden behind the luggage at the railway yard The RPF had hospitalized them in a small local government hospital in Bihar and that he had spoken to the Medical Superintendent there and that though the two were out of danger they continued to remain unconscious since having being brought there and required them to be moved to a bigger hospital with more/better facilities. He was about to proceed to that hospital. He was profusely thankful to me for the lead as he had been cooling his heels in Dhanbad after having filed an FIR, then an advertisement in the local Dainik Jagran, and given his robbed cell phone number’s IMEI number to the local cops. The SMS that I received today, June 28th stated that he had moved his brother and latter’s friend to a Patna Hospital where he had regained consciousness at 5 a.m. and that they would be allowed to go home after another 48 hours. His legs had been plastered being broken in eight places. Only two of the six pups were found by the RPF and have been sent by Ansh back to Ranchi. One of them is Bruno to be delivered to us and the other, Jess, for Varanasi. I am not at liberty to give his mobile # as it belongs to his wife whom he got married to on June 17th.
As to DoggieBuddy’s claim that no dogs were rescued from Kolkata’s Galib Street or what ever, he will need to await proof from Ansh whenever he comes online as the latter had told me that he has a list of brokers whose dens were broken and that a Mr. Agarwal, local DRSI member there was with him at that time and some rescued dogs from there were retained for local (Kolkata) adoption by Mr. Agarwal
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By Hameed Sulaiman · 01 Jul 2010 1:35 pm
@ gspal - I was logged in only when i tried that link... do you think i will be able to post comment without logging in...
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By Hameed Sulaiman · 01 Jul 2010 1:59 pm
Admin it nice to here this story..... could you also provide a story for ansh claiming to have have stocks of solid gold and is official distributor of Artemis dog food, and then when I heard back for Artemis that they have no distributors in India yet and DSRI was rejected for distributorship long ago, and when i posted the truth ansh deleting the post next day. And also Ansh claiming he has stocks and there is need for sanitary import permit to import pet foods which also i confirmed with the commissioner of department of animal husbandry and fisheries which is the department supervising petfoods importation also that no pet foods can enter india without a valid sanitary import permit...
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By Admin · 01 Jul 2010 2:03 pm
This story is Published via Mr G S PAL.
No Comments from Admin Side.
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