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I am looking for a dog, please help?

I am Rajat Sharma from delhi with contact no. 9811530270, my gsd died in jan 2010 at the age of 09 years. now i am looking for a new friend for me. i am looking for a GSD / Rotwiller / Boxer - any one from these for addoption. if any one can help me with it plz contact. Hope for replies from you people out there who can help me in gettin a true friend. Thanks and Regards, RAJAT SHARMA.--9811530270 vodafonerajat@gmail.com
By Rajat Sharma · 15 Oct 2010 7:43 pm


By Swaminathan Ravi · 16 Oct 2010 1:21 am
Hi Rajat
I see that you are an experienced owner and are willing to commit to maintaining even a large breed of dog like the ones mentioned above. I request you to look to get an Indian breed (either a Bully Kutta or an Indian Hound) because I own one and trust me when I say that these dogs being indigenous are completely adapted to our climate, food and environment. They are excellent companions will fight to the death to protect their home and family and require very little maintenance. The less said the better about their loyalty and love.
If you live in a bungalow or are willing to exercise your dog well I would recommend any Indian breed. Visit www.dogsindia.com or other sites or even this site and look up breeds like the Rajapalayam, Kanni, Chippiparai and also visit www.indianmastiff.com for more information.
Hope I helped.
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By mikku · 16 Oct 2010 2:32 pm
i think rottwiler is good and ya if u cant afford go for indian breed the best
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By Shalin · 16 Oct 2010 6:52 pm
so r u not prepared to give any money.
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yashkant gaur
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yashkant gaur
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