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I want to know any adoptation centre in Bhubaneswar, where i can go and help the stray dogs?

i really love dogs a lot. when i see dog in a road i give foods to them i just cant see them like that. i want to know any adoptation centre in bhubaneswar, where i can go and help the stray dogs in any means. i will do as much i can do. so plzzzz help me and another question from where i can get a lab in bhubaneswar in lowest price. how much will a lab cost to me. the local vendors are telling 6k-10k for labs plzz tell me what is the right price. plzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply
By Shakti · 22 Jan 2010 9:23 pm


By tushar bhavsar · 03 Feb 2010 6:13 pm
hi shakti u r doing good job 4 stray dogs . weld one , u can visit mahalaxmirace cross center @ mahalaxmi mumbai if u want to help them and 4 Labrador if u want good line puppy u have to pay min. 15000 par pup in 6 to 10k u got avg. lab. pup so ill sujjest u to visit good breedar and take proper knowledge of lab breed and after that u can plane 4 it.
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By Meera Jagdish · 02 Jun 2010 3:05 pm
hi shakti, why dont you think of adopting a lab from some nearby shelter? that way you dont pay anything to get it and also give a lonely abandoned dog a loving home.
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