Pug is not urinating or pooping?? help?

I really need some help here. We recently relocated and it was a tedious task to move my dog out of the house. It's a pug and it remained mostly indoors and she was unwilling to cooperate. We somehow carried her and drove her to the new place. Now ever since we moved to the new place (it's been 3 days) she has not come out of the bedroom and hides herself under the cot. She eats but however has not been urinating or pooping. She is in shock and has detached herself from us. What can i do to make her normal? I'm concerned about her health as it's important to excrete the pee and the poop out of her system. We are puzzled as we cannot get her out of the house to take her to the vet! Please help me with some suggestions. Worried dog lover :(

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Because of the stress that is involved for the humans in relocating, the pug has absorbed all the energies and taken to herself. I would suggest the following:
1. Organize upbeat and happy go lucky events with kids in the house (if he likes kids) and display happiness and high-energy in front of him.
2. Offer her food in areas that he is skeptical of.
3. Please get her checked by vet for stomach problems. Denial in excretion is also a sign of fear-shutdown.
4. Do not give her attention when isolating herself, instead praise like hell when she seems excitable etc.

Good luck! :)
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