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What are the reasons for the non existence of Dalmatian breeders?

What are the reasons for the NON EXISTENCE OF DALMATIAN BREEDERS ( preferably registered , genuine , responsible & reliable) in India ? I tried my level best to locate such breeders in India but to my unanticipated surprise I found none .I then tried to figure out the reasons behind it and got vague reasons from various people associated with back yard breeding / puppy mills / pet shops et al .Since there is no demand for a dalmatian dog hence there are no dalmatian breeders in India .Earlier there use to be a few in Calcutta but now they have changed their breed in accordance with Darwin's law - Survival of the fittest.Beyond this I didn't get any reason for the same. Further I tried to investigate about the dalmatian scenario abroad and learnt that it isn't the same story there.Then on my own I tried to construe reasons for this and could only come up with following self constructed reasons , based on the fact of myself possessing 7 dalmatians today . Reason 1 - Bladder stone problem associated with dalmatians.I read somewhere that in an attempt to make more beautiful dalmatians the breeders unintentionally / unawaringly got some mutation done in the genes which then later became a breed characterstic which they couldn't get rid of . Reason 2 - Unilateral hearing which often comes in the progeny Reason 3 - An unusually high patience and persistence level required in the dalmatian owner in order to give dog obedience training . Reason 4 - The constant human attention ( dalmatian owner) demanding nature of the dalmatian in an attempt to always please it's master drains all the patience out of him. In all probability all these reasons may be wrong / irrational / illogical but I couldn't come up with more logic and interpretation to the non existence of Responsible Genuine Reliable Dalmatian breeders in India. So what according to you all , are the reasons for this dalmatian negligence in India ? I sometimes feel very sad for such a miserable fate of one of the most beautiful, clean ,energetic , playful , happy dog breed in the world.It happens to be my top favourite dog breed amongst the top five .
By Baawli Poonch · 23 Mar 2009 12:35 pm


By Anil @ DoggiesDude · 24 Mar 2009 7:19 am
reply to your reasons
reason 1 = it can be diet related. so not a breed problem. maintaince issue
reason 2 = not good breeding. so genetic faults might be passed further
reason 3= one signof bad owner. does not gives time for puppy
reason 4= nature of each breed. they need love not chained to gate.

main reason for many breed to die is because we want the best at dirt cheap cost. depends upon buyers what they looking at. so its purely human error for neglecting this or any other breed. Like there are mastiff owner who have limited 800 rupees per month for a mastiff mainaince . Imagnie what would be the condition of mastiff who is fed diet/health for just 800 rs per month. there is no bad dog only bad owner.
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By Ravi Tej · 20 Dec 2011 3:59 pm
I have had Dalmatians in the past and these are what i believe are the reasons for Dalmatian not being very popular in India:

I will start with responses to your reasons:
Reason 1: Most of the Indians and sadly even the vets are not aware of the uric acid problems that the Dal's.
Reason 2: Agree with you. This is a major problem that breeders have and in the 90's when there was high demand for the breed they did a lot of in breeding and destroyed the breed.
Reason3: Most of the Indians want to have dogs that are kept for guarding and don't try to understand the breed. Dalmatian is a high energy breed that needs attention and sadly most of the Indians perceive it as a hard to train and unintelligent dog.
Reason 4: Similar to above.

people refer to their vets or ppl they know before bringing a pet home and sadly most of the vets in the country speak against a dal saying its a high maintenance and sensitive breed (prone to diseases).
In general the knowledge of Indians about dog breeds is low and since the general feel of the breed is that its a high maintenance breed which has health problems, not very strong etc are good enough reasons for ppl not to get tempted to bring this breed home.

I personally believe that India as a country will be stuck to Labs, Dobs, GSD, poms & boxers. Slightly elite would choose Golden retriever, Greatdane, cocker spanials etc.

All the other breeds are premium in India and only select few will have it. I don't mind Dal's being a very niche and high end breed. It would never become a mass market breed like a lab, Pom or GSD in India.

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