Her bleeding started on 3rd may. Its her first mating. Yesterday i take her to a male, she just lick his face. when the male tried to mate she just li.. Read More
By Yogendra · Reproduction · 12 May 2017 9:30 am · Reply Now
Could you please suggest medication and help?
By gautam · Reproduction · 26 Jun 2015 9:18 pm · Reply Now
Kalpesh tiwari
What is the right time for a GSD male for first mating?
By Kalpesh tiwari · Reproduction · 11 Mar 2015 4:47 pm · Reply Now
Lovey Kasliwal
My Labrador Retriever is pregnant. Please help me how should I handle her. Its her 60th day today.
By Lovey Kasliwal · Reproduction · 12 Sep 2014 2:51 pm · Reply Now
I have a 2.5 yr old black male Labrador champion breed named Dawn. All dog are champions in his family. What is the right age for us to get him to mat.. Read More
By sonia · Reproduction · 05 Sep 2014 3:56 pm · Reply Now
Hi , My Girl's a 6.7 year old Labrador. I want to get her bred and It's her first time. What are the things I should consider? And can someone please .. Read More
By Nutan · Reproduction · 08 Apr 2014 1:21 pm · Reply Now
I have GSD 2 year old ,we have mated her, this is first time we mated her ,how to confirm her pregnancy
By Raj · Reproduction · 16 Feb 2014 12:18 pm · Reply Now
It's about 50 days when my Great Dane girl mate but there are no sign of pregnancy accept white discharge and nesting . Please advice. Ultrasound is n.. Read More
By rajesh · Reproduction · 16 Dec 2013 12:17 am · Reply Now
Shruti Gautam
Looking for a female dog (preferably Labrador) for my male Labrador dog for breeding. He is in a very good health , never had any health problem. Plea.. Read More
By Shruti Gautam · Reproduction · 12 Sep 2013 1:49 pm · Reply Now
Do anyone know how can i find out my females is on silent heat?
By nikhil · Reproduction · 21 Jun 2013 1:49 am · Reply Now

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