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What is the right age(no of days) to buy a puppy?

What is the right age(no of days) to buy a puppy?
By Ankush Mehra · 05 Feb 2011 6:26 pm


By Navjot Singh · 05 Feb 2011 10:36 pm
Ankush, consider the following points before you bring the puppy home:
1)Puppy should be atleast 45 days old before it's separated from the mother. This will ensure puppy has successfully completed the weaning period. After the weaning period, the puppy is ready to feed on stuffs other then the mother's milk.
2) Make sure you look at the mother of the litter.
3) Make sure you take the puppy to a vet to ensure his healthy and of the same age, the seller claimed it's of.

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By Dinkar Singh · 06 Feb 2011 5:32 pm
2 months plus
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By Ankush Mehra · 07 Feb 2011 3:07 pm
Thanks Navjot, by other stuff I presume you mean dog food like pedigree?
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By Ankush Mehra · 07 Feb 2011 3:57 pm
Thanks Dinkar, I will be a first time dog owner. I will be buying a pup not before this october as I have a 1.4yrs old daughter she will turn 2yrs by this october. So I feel that would be a good age for my daughter to understand, respect & be introduced to the pet. Which would be a good breed to buy? I short listed beagle or pug. I am looking for a small to mid size dog. Which can also be left alone for 3 to 4 hours in a day on itself. what do you suggest and also can you put me across a good dog breeder in mumbai.?
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By Dinkar Singh · 08 Feb 2011 5:21 pm
I wud suggest the beagle. They are a hardy breed. The pug has big eyes and the child can hurt them I feel.

Even the beagle if u do decide get an older pup say 4 months plus I feel, as a 2 yr old at times can hurt the pup while trying to show its affection etc. Unless u will be around always which u shud if the kid is with the dog/ pup. Initially u will have to be with the pup till it grows up and then u can leave it for 3 4 hrs, bt keep in mind that small breeds can make a lot of noise and beagles can howl and have a very loud bark for their size.

Everything has its pros and cons, u need to decide which will be the best for u.
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By Ankush Mehra · 08 Feb 2011 5:47 pm
Thank you, can you suggest me a breeder in mumbai..? Can you ship a dog in mumbai.?
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By Ankush Mehra · 08 Feb 2011 5:51 pm
Would you advise me to go for a mid size to large size dog..? But for a large size dog you need bigger space, and I stay in an apartment. Apartments usually have space restrictions. Are dogs like labs good apartment dogs.?
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By Dinkar Singh · 08 Feb 2011 5:52 pm
I am just a dog lover and not a commercial breeder. My first love has been Rottweiler, but seeing the types of people buying them and for the various reasons, has stopped me from breeding them. I am now only concentrating on my Cavaliers Spaniels who hopefully will get much better homes.
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By Dinkar Singh · 08 Feb 2011 5:59 pm
I wud not suggest a lab for an apartment unless u are an active person and are willing to take the dog for a good long walk twice a day, although you see so many people keeping labs. You need to see the purpose of the dog, the time and money you can spend on it etc. Big breeds can easily knock off a small child unknowingly. Although my 2 yr old son's favorite was my 10 month rottweiler, but then I am an experienced rottweiler owner and have had atleast one since I have been 12 odd yrs old. And also I live in a house with a large open area/ lawns etc.

My suggestion wud still be a beagle, unless u want an expensive but great breed like the Cavalier.

Other small options can include the standard dachund too. Another good breed. Do research on the various breeds and see what their requirements are and can u match them.
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By Ankush Mehra · 08 Feb 2011 6:14 pm
Thanks once again, can you suggest me where can I read about dog breeds their requirements etc, in detail.
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By Ankush Mehra · 08 Feb 2011 6:23 pm
How much would a Cavalier cost? are they good with children and how about shedding?
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By Dinkar Singh · 09 Feb 2011 10:09 am
You will need to search on the net and read articles on breed specific club websites. for example the golden retreiver club of America.

As for Cavaliers they are a very gentle breed and come in the toy breed section that are dogs which are maximum 12 odd inches tall. Yes they do need to be brushed atleast once a week. Any breed you keep will need care and attention and as they will have hair/ coats they will shed.

Do keep in mind the care and attention any dog breed will require.
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By Ankush Mehra · 10 Feb 2011 3:05 pm
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By Navjot Singh · 12 Feb 2011 5:07 pm
Hi Ankush, If you've had no dog before or if you have no experience in dog keeping, then I'd suggest you to go for breeds which are easy to train. There are breeds which repond quickly to training than others. Labs are easy to train and can adjust in appartments as long as you meet exercise requirements of this dog.They need 2 hours walking which can be devided into one hour in the morning and one hour at night. Labs are gentle in nature and do well with kids. I'd suggest get a 3-5 old puppy. Another breed, I can suggest, is Japneese Spitz- small, intelligent, easily manageable. They are appartment dogs and can adjust well in appartments.
BEAGLE IS NOT AN APPARTMENT DOG. These dogs are very vocal, they don't just bark but they howl. It's too loud. This is natural for them as they belong to Hound family. Your neigbour might not appreciate you having dog which howls loudly.

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By Ankush Mehra · 14 Feb 2011 5:25 pm
Thanks Navjot..! I have still not decided on which breed do I buy. How about PUG.? As my another question is that can I leave labs or pugs home for 4-5 hours if I go out.? or which other breed.?
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By Ankush Mehra · 14 Feb 2011 5:50 pm
Another consideration was bulldog or boxer as they are gentle with kids.
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By Dinkar Singh · 15 Feb 2011 9:32 am
They are both great breeds and I currently have a 12 yr old boxer and my brother has a 1yr old bulldog.

The boxer is a medium sized dog meant for active people or families, as they need a lot of exercise. I dont think they will be suitable with a young child in the house, specially if you live in an apartment. They are jumpy high energy dogs

As for the bulldog, again a great breed but not really suitable for a young child in the house as they again can topple a young child due to their size, bulky. Our 2 yr old child does not like the bulldog at all and the other 3 yr old also does not like the bulldog.

With a small child in the house you need a gentle dog. Most pups will not really be gentle for the first 1 yr atleast, specially the breeds that you are mentioning. Plus a good bulldog will not be cheap.
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By Ankush Mehra · 15 Feb 2011 4:52 pm
Thanks!! what are the avg Vet expenses for a small dog & a medium sized dog say like lab.?
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By Navjot Singh · 16 Feb 2011 1:07 am
If you talk about Pug, then think twice. This breed are very vunerable to over-heating. As you know, the mouth of this dog is very flat and as a result they find it difficult to breathe in hot climates. You can confirm this with any other expert. Unless, you can offer an air conditioned environment to your dog, I wouldn't suggest to go for Pug.
Do you know English Bull dog is among the least healthiest dog breeds in the world? You don't want to spend fortune in vet bills, do you? This breed doesn't live very long. They are not very trainable. However, they getalong with kids. But considering so many disadvantages, this is no good, is it?

As long as leaving the dog alone is concerned, this habbit should be inculcated through gradual training. If you impose this straight away, then this may cause separation anxiety to the dog. If you want to leave the dog alone daily for that time then Lab is not the breed for you because they need someone to please. They are very vunerable to separation anxiety. I thing boxer do well in this senario, they are happy left along but make sure this is done through gradual training.

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By Ankush Mehra · 16 Feb 2011 4:38 pm
Thanks navjot, By leaving I didnt mean daily but once a week or so. What are the average vet bills for a Lab
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By Navjot Singh · 18 Feb 2011 12:53 am
Ankush, Lab is not very health breed, they have a genetic disorder - Hips Dysplasia. If you want a dog which is affordable to be kept. Go for Japanese Spitz. It's intelligent, fairly healthy, trainable and maintainable. The dog will be happy with light walk every day. It's not a dog whom you have to feed expensive dog food through out the life time, if you feed good dog food for the first year, you can start feeding home cooked food. The dog will still be heathy.
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