Please suggest better dry food for my Rottweiler puppy?

My rottweiler puppy is of four months old. He is a good show quality puppy. Now I am feeding him Royal Canin giant puppy in one of his meals along with rice and chicken in another . So i would like to know which dry dog food is better. Royal canin, Hills, or Taste of the wild? Any other suggestions are also welcome
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Royal Canin is a best Dog Food you can buy Online Royal Canin https://
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Hello Vishnu,
Taste of wild is a best and No 1 dog company food in all over the world we all know. But it is too costly and it is not easily available in India.
Royal Canin is a premium dog food company by Mars Inc. Mars Inc is also a owner of Pedigree dog food company which is popular but also everyone hate their food. I am not a royal canin fan because its 80 percent ingredients are same. And it is coatly too.
Hills Sciecne Diet is a also premium dog food brands and recommended by many doctors. Their Lamb and Rice flavor food is 2012 akc best dog food winner with 9/10 ratings.
All dog expert know that dog first ingredient will be meat and Hills Science diet lamb and rice contain meat as first ingredient.

Try also Drools Dog food which is cheaper and better than many dog foods

1. Taste of wild ( no dout)
2. Hills ( recommended by vet )
3. Blue buffalo ( not available in india )
4. Nova ( not available in india )
5. Royal Canin ( popular )
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