18 months Neapolitan Mastiff the problem is that he is very choosy abt his food,help?

hi my self aryan i have 18 months neapolitan mastiff the problem is that he is very choosy abt his food last 18 months he is on dog food one time in morning and in evening eggs with rice chicken or fish alternative days but not problem is that he never feed dog food without adding non veg in it cant have much time now a days that i come home and make non veg every day plz suggest how i change his habit and make him to feed veg food and what i feed him in veg also plz reply
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Sir ,M the owner of two labs.Me 2 an working women. The plus point in my dog is they are well adapted in raw eggs and meat since I have given them since they were young so now also if m in a hurry I give them raw and they are very healthy and happy with that. But make a point to give full exercise and two long walk. I wouldn't tell you to try raw meat but can try with raw eggs.If ur dog is satisfied and dosn't have and side effect with it then ok. Try sm dog food mixed i raw eggs and If ur dog liks it I think u wll also b happy.

Further it is just an option....If u don't like you may try something others or consult to a vet.If there is something wrong I m sorry.. :(
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