I wants to grow my Bull Mastiff height & weight as per standard, help?

Sir, I have Bull Mastiff Female (Name-Brandy)her todays age is 3months & 7 days. Now she is very calm & active & I feeding her Drools (Large), Calcium Tab (Morning & Night 1-1) Her weight is <10 kg & Hight is 12' approx. I wants to grow her hight & weight as per standard. What u suggest? Thanks, DNR
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First of all get her checked by the vet to rule out any health issue, if there is no health problem then increase the diet slowly slowly. As she is puppy feed her with small portion of meals up to 3-5 times . It will help in easy digestion of food. Feed the meals on specific time only each day. Make sure she always have excess to the water, change water in every 3-4 hours. Regularly do the de worming of your puppy.
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