My Six Month Labrador Dog Has Hair Fall

My Six Month Labrador Dog Has Hair Fall

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Shedding is the natural phenomenon,in which dog shed its old or damaged hairs.Frequency of shedding depends upon health ,breed and season.During winter season many dogs develops thick coat which they shed during the spring season.Many dog shed during autumn season also.Dog that are always kept indoor shed through out the year.To control shedding-Use different brushes and comb according to type of hair to control shedding.-Use dog shampoo to give bath to your dog.-Give coat supplement to your dog can visit oming/
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2018-06-09T14:19:46+0530 09 Jun 2018 2:19 pm
1. Brush regularly with Furminator brush.2. Use pet head skin-soothing or anti-shedding shampoo.3. switch to Orijen or Acana food.
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