Сan smoking or vaping affect my pet?I have read on one site VapingDaily, that it can be dangerous.

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If you are one of those people who smoke daily or even who uses an electronic cigarette, then youhave to ask is who are you harming? There is no information that this is a safer method and therehave been many cases of people who have lung issues because of this. You need to think about is ifthis is going to hurt yourself, people around you like your beloved dog and other pets.Air QualityOne of the things that come with smoking electronic cigarettes is that there will are harmfulingredients inside. This means that the more you smoke and use them inside the home, then themore that goes into the air. This is something that you should think about since if the air that you arebreathing is bad, then your dog will also have the same issues that you might.The quality of the air is vital and you should let everyone have clean and fresh air, which meanscutting down the amount that you might be breathing in. Think about this when you are smokingaround your dog since you could be hurting your pet. You should get the air quality tested and makesure that there aren’t anything that could be harming anyone.NicotineAnother thing that you should always be aware of when you are using electronic cigarettes aroundyour dog is the cartridges. Double check that you aren’t leaving them around the house in placeswhere they can get them, including in the trash can. This is something that you need to do since theamount of nicotine that is in these cartridges is enough to make them very sick the dog or even killsmall breeds.You might not think that this is something to worry about, but you should since you want your dog tolive a long and healthy life. For those cartridges that have a higher nicotine level you should throwthem out in a garbage can outside where the dogs can’t reach them. Also, never leave any boxesalone or where they can get to it and if they do, then you rush them to the veterinarian
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