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Can someone tell me the normal CBC (Complete Blood Count) values for a canine.

Can someone tell me the normal CBC (Complete Blood Count) values for a canine. I tried to search net extensively for quite a few hours but could not find any thing conclusive. Tried different vets in my area, but unfortunately they all are giving different values confusing me further. I am not sure if dog breeds and age would matter, however mine is an adopted mixed breed pup and he's almost 5 months old now.
By El Bandito · 10 Mar 2011 12:03 am


By Anil @ DoggiesDude · 10 Mar 2011 9:28 pm
https://www.bichonfriseusa.com /caninebloodwork.htm

It has the complete details
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By Anil @ DoggiesDude · 10 Mar 2011 9:29 pm
Remember BLOOD WORK IS USUALLY DONE AFTER A TWELVE(12) HOUR FAST . Then it will be accurate.
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By El Bandito · 10 Mar 2011 9:47 pm
Thanks Anil,
Wish I knew it before, but now that I know I am more confused than I was before. Reason being that now I don't know which vet to believe in. Either none of them knows the real values or knowingly keep their customers in dark. Having tried almost all the vets in my area I don't know where to go now. Can anyone suggest a good vet in Chandigarh/Panchkula area who would care for his patients too instead of just the money.
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By Anil @ DoggiesDude · 10 Mar 2011 10:42 pm
As far as my info is concerned there are different parameters for humans and caninies. But since facility is not available in India so they assume the human readings and make guess of the CBC.
Maybe i am wrong.
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By El Bandito · 11 Mar 2011 12:15 am
I agree totally with you but being a vet they are supposed to know the real values. Think of it that one of the so called pet specialist in my area treated my pup (then 2 months old) for tick fever without actually carrying out the proper tests. At that time my pups TLC (Total Leukocyte Count) was very much with in the permissible range for canines. Since labs around here quote the normal values for humans in their report he fooled me saying that my pup is terminally ill and fleeced me for my ignorance. That's not all when I consulted couple of other vets for alternate opinion they concurred with him. What's shocking is that they corroborated my pups blood report against the normal values for humans. I will write a short article on his history and would be highly grateful if some one would guide me towards a proper course of action. Thanks for all your help Anil, it is much appreciated.
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By Anil @ DoggiesDude · 11 Mar 2011 9:04 am
This might be due to a problem such as a tick carried disease, internal bleeding, infection, immune system issues such as immune mediated anemia which you can read about here

https://www.peteducation.com/a rticle.cfm?c=2+2101&aid=399


https://www.peteducation.com/a rticle.cfm?c=2+2101&aid=3575

or DIC

https://www.vin.com/proceeding s/Proceedings.plx?PID=2596&CID =WSAVA2002

Could be parasites, liver disease, a lack of vitamin B from an imbalanced diet.

Thumbrule : Keep the diet with Vit B . I use it as supplement as it helps develop immunity.
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By El Bandito · 11 Mar 2011 11:53 am
Thanks again for all your help Anil,
Is there a way to diagnose the actual problem in his system. From looks of it he seems perfectly normal but I still would like to get the doubts out of my mind. I agree that it could be because of ticks but how can i get it tested. His stools & urine appears to be normal and there is no sign of blood in them. He does not seems to have any problem with clotting as his wound (if i may call it so) healed quite quickly when his blood sample was taken but I may be wrong.
Almost since he has been diagnosed with the disease I am giving him a teaspoon full of "LICKVIT" daily along with "MAGACAL" & "GLOSSY COAT" as advised by my vets, in addition to his daily medication of half tablet of "DOXY-CYCLINE 100" & teaspoon full of "DEXORANGE" twice. As for food he's being fed thrice twice Chapati & Milk and once "Royal Canin" with curd, which I have quite recently changed to "Venky's" & two eggs every alternate day. He weighs about 16 Kgs and his height is around 16".
He is being de-wormed regularly every month and except for the first time, I haven't noticed any worms in his stool. I would be more than happy to provide any information or adjust his diet accordingly, if required. Appreciate all your help and guidance.
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By Anil @ DoggiesDude · 11 Mar 2011 11:55 am
if you have the CBC report email me i can try to study and tell you. BUT remember i am NOT a vet or qualified person to give judgement. It will be my only assumption and carries no medical certification.
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By Anil @ DoggiesDude · 11 Mar 2011 1:23 pm
well as per his weight he seems good to me as Pariah weighs about 20 kgs and mongrels can go around 30 kg. depends what sort of mix it is. Tick fever normally has high fever alternate days and goes off then again strikes back. If he is eating Ok n stool normal i doubt he is suffering from these. Give him polybion syrup (vit B supplement) and all should be ok
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By El Bandito · 11 Mar 2011 1:46 pm
This is the copy of the article I published elsewhere in this site only

Breed of the pup: Mixed Breed (from a stray bitch in H.P)
D.O.B: 13th October 2010
Age when adopted: 1 month
Reason for adoption: He was one among the litter of 6 rejected by his mother.
Additional Information: He was heavily infested with ticks and fleas when brought home and was bathed next day with ticks and flea shampoo.

21/12/10: He vomited 4-5 times at night and was taken to his vet the next day. I thought it might be due to cold but vet thought it could be tick fever and advised to have his blood tested.

Test Reports (22/12/10)
Haemoglobin (Hb): 6.3 gm%
Total Leukocyte Count (TLC): 12700 /cmm
Monocytes: 01 %
Platelet Count: 0.71 /cmm
Packed Cell Volume (PCV): 19 %
SGOT : 76.0 IU/L
SGPT: 80.6 IU/L
Alkaline Phosphatase: 593.6 IU/L
Total Protein: 5.31 gm/dl
Albumin 2.28 gm/dl

(Please note that I am quoting only those values which showed beyond the normal range as per the report)

With this report my vet was pretty assured that my pup is suffering from Canis Babesia. As a result he was administered some saline and glucose twice a day for 7 days and no food or water was given for first 5 days. Thereafter small quantities of food were given to him as he improved.

Test Reports (26/12/10)
Haemoglobin (Hb): 6.4 gm%
Total Leukocyte Count (TLC): 8500 /cmm
Monocytes: 01 %
Platelet Count: 1.63 /cmm
Packed Cell Volume (PCV): 19 %
SGOT: 21.4 IU/L
SGPT: 22.5 IU/L
Alkaline Phosphatase: 285.7 IU/L
Total Protein: 5.16 gm/dl
Albumin 2.79 gm/dl

Please note that his TLC,SGOT & SGPT were shown within the range (for humans).

I had consulted at least three other famous vets in between and everyone gave their own ideas but agreed with the course of action being taken by my vet. So I continued taking my pup to him, however more than once he was contradicting himself and continually kept changing the time required for treatment. Initially he said the whole treatment would last for 7 days. Then he said it would be for 15 days and then for 30 days. I checked online for the possible treatments available and symptoms for tick fever and was amazed at how my vet was fooling me. So after 7 days I decided to change my vet. New vet prescribed me the course of doxycycline-100 half tablet twice a day for 21 days along with dexorange and then stop it for a week and there after get my pups blood tested.

Test Reports (31/01/11)
Haemoglobin (Hb): 9.1gm/dl
Total Leukocyte Count (TLC): 18400 /cmm
Neutrophils: 47 %
Lymphocytes: 48%
Monocytes: 02 %
Platelet Count: 4.21 L/cmm

(Please note that my pup was vaccinated for rabies and all other routine monthly shots during this time)

After this report my vet advised me to continue with the prescription for another 15 days then stop the medication for a week before getting the blood tests done. I also got his stools tested for any worms and the results showed no sign of worms in his stools.

Test Reports (05/03/11)
Haemoglobin (Hb): 10.5gm/dl
Total Leukocyte Count (TLC): 16300 /cmm
Neutrophils: 42 %
Lymphocytes: 54 %
Monocytes: 01 %
Platelet Count: 3.44 L/cmm
Packed Cell Volume (PCV): 33.6 %
MCV: 63.5 fL
MCH: 19.8 pg
MCHC 31.3 g/dl

(Please note that due to certain personal obligations I was not able to get the tests done in time. However some of the people who had kept the dogs before suggested that I was being paranoid)

After these tests I have been again advised to continue with the prescription.

Additional Information: My pup seems to be normal and active, quite a good runner and always hungry. Maybe a bit over weight as he weighs 15Kgs and almost 5 months old. All his vaccinations & deworming has been done as per schedule. He loves kids and a good learner as well except when it comes to mingling with stray dogs of my locality and picking up eatables off the ground. I am trying to control these habits of his as I feel it is not healthy for him, more so owing to his conditions, but with little success LOL.

My question is what should I do now? Should I continue with the medication or should I see another vet? What should be the next course of action? I am not sure if my pup is actually getting better? Am I burdening his kidneys by giving him anti-biotics for such a prolonged period? Any advices would be more than welcome.
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