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I m really confused about my 2 year old gsd diet should i return to raw diet?

i stay in kolkata india. i have a two year old gsd he is very thin weighs 27 kgs so i tried a variety of diets with no help. recently i shifted to a raw meat and bones diet and he had some great improvements like his coat and teeth were healthy also he shed less and had less doggy odour. this continued for about 7 months however a month ago he had a bloody diarrhoea and vommitting. he is fully dewormed now he has recoved after treatment and is currently on a diet of boiled chicken and rice. now i m really confused about his diet should i return to raw diet?
By D.chakrabarty · 10 Nov 2011 3:59 pm


By KamalRaj J Kuppal · 10 Nov 2011 5:17 pm
I am feeding raw diet for my lab when he is 6 months old and now he is 14 months old, from past 8 months, i dont see any signs of diarrhoea or vomits as I feed him only raw chicken, he had very bad diarrhoea when he had raw beef and I stopped beef thenafter. What raw diet you feed him? is that human grade? In india, it is always advisable to give human grade raw meat to dogs, human grade which means the raw meat which human take for cooking, there are some butcher shops where they give raw meat for dogs which is cheaper but harmer for dogs as this kind of meat sometimes decayed, have e.coli on it or even contaminated.
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By D.chakrabarty · 10 Nov 2011 6:44 pm
i buy the meat from the local shops where we get meat for our consumption also. i fed him a large piece 200 to 300 gms of mutton usually the rib or leg portion as breakfast, then boneless chicken 250 gm with a bit of yoghurt and turmeric and 2 to 3 spoons of rice as lunch and 2 biscuits in the evening and dinner the same as lunch. i had to give him rice as without rice he had constipation.
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By KamalRaj J Kuppal · 10 Nov 2011 8:46 pm
For constipation, I usually give banana for my lab. Avoid red meat (mutton) for some days and add lot of yogurt in his diet. If your GSD do well for raw diet about 7 months then he should be ok if you continue. Give him raw chicken for some days and make sure to give fresh meat.
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By D.chakrabarty · 11 Nov 2011 10:28 am
thank you for your advice. btw do u think the quantity i m feeding him is ok?? nd i want to feed him twice a day instead of thrice is that ok?
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By KamalRaj J Kuppal · 11 Nov 2011 12:07 pm
If you feed him raw meat then the quantity should be minimum 2-3% of your gsd body weight. You can give him food twice a day and that is actually good.
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By gautam sawant · 14 Nov 2011 1:00 am
i allways boil the meat before i feed chinu - feel it is more safe
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By D.chakrabarty · 16 Nov 2011 8:56 am
@ tawde, i hav noticed some healthy developments in my dog after raw feeding. that is why i m so keen to feed him raw. also raw food is more digestible to dogs and it gives them clean teeth due to a lot of tearing and grinding. it is full of natural enzymes and micronutrients which get destroyes when you cook it. but then everything has pros and cons so i think contamination is one risk associated with raw feeding.... now its upto the owner. r8 now my doggy is eating boiled food only however after a month when the winter sets in here, i will shift to raw again.
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