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How to stop your puppy of 3 months from biting your hand?

How to stop your puppy of 3 months from biting your hand?
By anas ejaz · 03 Jan 2012 9:29 pm


By Rahul Bhardwaj · 06 Jan 2012 4:37 pm
i also want to know this(coz my 13 month lab also bites our hands)....
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By pennypup · 08 Jan 2012 7:48 am
Does he bite during play? If so, when he bites you, make a high pitched squeal noise or say "Ouch!" in a high pitched tone. He should looks startled and stop. If he continues, make the noise or say "ouch!" again and turn your back to him and stop play.
The high pitched tone is to mimick a puppy squeal when it is hurt. When he was playing with his littermates, they would have done the same if he bit them.

Dogs hate being ousted by their pack. By physically turning your back and stopping play, he will learn to associate a bite with no more play!
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By Rahul Bhardwaj · 08 Jan 2012 10:35 am
thnx for the advice.i will surely do soo...
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