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Looking for a Lab Puppy for adoption please help?

Thanx,Bijal & Dikshit for your advice , i am looking to buy lab puppy,do you know any of your friend in Mumbai ?? who has lab? what is the scne on this adoption of dog ? what are the disvantages in legal terms if not taken within paper work ? i have a daughter 5 year old is it ok if i buy a lab considering her age ,please yar help me out on this . Thanx again!!!!!!!
By HEMANT · 25 Jan 2011 3:08 pm


By Bijal · 25 Jan 2011 4:55 pm
Hi. As u know by my profile I'm from Delhi only so not in my knowledge any one from Mumbai. I myself taken my lab on adoption base and till that time me & my family is very fine with him. No legal terms are affecting till date. As u can take it with papers too. If u r buying a puppy so its a big deal till 6-7 months to rear him- to potty train, prevent house-breaking etc. As we are keeping precautions with our children as with a puppy. I'nk ur daughter is enough to play with a puppy but be careful dont leave them alone anytime. All resp. is urs to take him on a walk or train. My 13 yrs old boy is now big enough to handle my adult lab but a girl will never do it. Best luck for a pooh.
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By Shruti Leo · 30 Jan 2011 12:36 pm
Hi ! Hemant I suggest u can go ahead and adopt a lab. I have a 10 month old Lab Leo & 11 yr old daughter who are very friendly with each other. My daughter is able to handle him better than me & he listens to whatever she says. Labs grow fast compared to other dogs & i m confident ur 5 yr old daughter can too handle a lab. Anyways all pets need love & affection & girls are born with motherly love.
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By Ankeeta · 13 Feb 2011 9:58 am
if u r planning to buy a pup, pls contact ankeeta on 9820578965
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