Are there certain kennels or boarding homes in Delhi where I can get my male German Shepherd crossed?

Please help
2015-06-08T10:01:41+0530 08 Jun 2015 10:01 am


2015-06-09T09:38:16+0530 09 Jun 2015 9:38 am
Hi Mrinal

You could connect with the leading veterinary hospitals / clinics and they will be able to help you connect with boarding homes / kennels where you can get your German Shepherd crossed.

Team DogSpot
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2015-06-09T12:45:13+0530 09 Jun 2015 12:45 pm
Mr Kandpal, the first question to you is why do you want to have puppies from your dog? Are you a professional breeder affiliated to any kennel club? Or, do you just want to venture into the breeding business for monitory gains.
Ideally, getting your dog mated is no rocket science you can contact any veterinary doctor or dog / puppy seller. They will help you with it and thats what happens in 80% of the cases in our country/ cities.
However, if you look at the dog breeding from larger perspective, it's a very difficult piece to crack. You need to look into very specific aspects of breeding. For example, you should mate dogs only among their specific lines. Cross line breed is a big NO. Some dogs with certain genetic disorders are NOT bred atlall!! The particulars are so specific that a dog who has slight deviation from the conformance like an inch bigger ear, a slightly bigger tail, etc will be considered not suitable to breed.
This might look too much but this is how the breeders all over the world breed some of the finest specimen of the breeds.
Moreover, if you have a pet quality dog, I would suggest you not to breed him at all. Moreover, if you breed him with low quality dog, the puppies which come from them will not be of good quality either. Since we are the caretaker of our pets, we are responsible that their generation and their pedigree and their line are also protected and saved.
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