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There was a dog i decided to guve him anit-rabbies vaccination,he is afraid, what to do?

There was a dog who was very frndly with my pup & so i decided to guve him anit-rabbies vaccination.When the free animal service providers came,they asked me to show the dog.After seeing who he was they caught him in the ropes and vaccinated him.He was so scared he actually pissed and even had motions.I felt very sad at that time & after all was done & i went to him again he seemed very afraid of me too.Even the other dogs bark when they see me.I did this for his own good but now Im feeling very sad.Pls tell me what to do to get his trust back as he just runs away looking at me.
By Vishtaspa Irani · 18 Jun 2009 1:24 am


By Saugat Sanyal · 18 Jun 2009 8:52 am
You have done a wonderful job, but the dog dosen't know this, for him it was tied for a moment and had some pain. Just chill, spend some more time with them, may be feed them, they will reciprocate back. Keep up the good job.
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By Dinkar Singh · 18 Jun 2009 10:08 am
Hey.....how would you like if suddenly someone you trust brings stranger and ties you up and pokes you with a needle....you should have first got him used to the person who would be giving him the vacination and then given it after a few days....due to the ropes etc you have just scared the poor thing....if he is a stary dog he has never been used to be tied etc.

Anyway.....you will now have to take a lot of time to build his confidence in you. Try feeding him he may not come near you but put some food and walk away and try and encourage him to come and eat by calling and speaking to him in a nice peaceful/ soft tone. he may not come but leave the food and go away after sometime see if me has come and eaten it or not. This you will have to do everyday and then after sometime move a little closer every few days....but gradually otherwise you will scare him. Once he has started eating near you you can try very lightly touching him but for a second and back off and keep praising him all this time/ days during his interaction with you. But never touch him when he is eating....for that matter of fact no dog at all when they eat.

It is so hot these days so it would be a good idea to leave a bowl of fresh water for the dog also. All the best time and patience will win his trust in you back.
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By Vishtaspa Irani · 20 Jun 2009 1:22 am
Thanks e1 for ur tips.dat dog is again nice with me now.wat i did was asked my pup to sit down and i sat behind him as the stray can see me clearly.then i asked him to come near and play wit us.first he was hesitant so,i gave a chewy to my pup and 1 to him too.they both had it happily.then the stray one ran away.he was now in 2 minds - wanting to play but other dogs were barking,i suppose telling him not to come near me.however,after watching me and my pup for 30 min he cud not resist and came near and played with my pup.then he let me touch him but was a bit scared and now he is again frndly.in fact,as he saw me coming out of my bldg tonight he came running towards me and i was getting worried dat i lost his love......silly me.....
thanks for ur help,guys.........
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By Warren Chang · 25 Jun 2009 9:24 am
Your heart is in the right place. Next time you should vaccinate the dogs by yrself. I vaccine the street dogs as they are friendly with me. No stress to anyone.
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By Vishtaspa Irani · 28 Jun 2009 12:45 am
thanks for the compliment and advice too. the next time i get a stray vaccinated i wont let those guys catch it in the ropes but hold it on my laps instead.
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