There are these funny looking black flaps growing from his gums, almost look like tiny black teeth.

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If you are looking at the mouth of your puppy you might see some black flaps that are hanging off thesides. You need to keep checking their teeth and gums to ensure that you aren鈥檛 missing anything,especially if there are black flaps. The majority of the gums of dogs are different and there are manythings to consider like whether they are normal before you take them to the veterinarian.You need to know what is going to be normal in terms of a dog mouth and there is never a simpleanswer. If you have any worries about your dog, then it is vital that you take them to the veterinarianwhere you can get professional advice. Here is everything that you would need to know about theblack flaps that could be hanging on the gums.Normal GumsOne question that everyone asks is what colour they should be and that can be a complicatedquestion. There isn鈥檛 a single colour that they would be and that doesn鈥檛 mean that the gums andmouth aren鈥檛 healthy. The colour of the gums should be a healthy pink, but that doesn鈥檛 mean thatblack spots or black coloured areas aren鈥檛 healthy or that there is a problem.These spots are something that the dog was born with, but if they change or get darker, then youneed to have the veterinarian look. These spots need to be completely flat and they shouldn鈥檛 beraised, which means flaps should also be checked out. These flaps might be nothing, but they couldbe part of the natural gums of your puppy and you don鈥檛 need to worry.They could also be outgrown over time, which is why you need to keep an eye on them and see if theygo down or increase. If they don鈥檛 go down, then this could mean there is a tumour or other majorproblem that a veterinarian would need to check out. It might not even be that severe and it couldsimply be gingivitis and this could mean loss of teeth and plenty of pain.TreatmentEvery dog needs to visit the dentist for animals like a human would to keep their teeth healthy. Theexpert could let you know if there are any problems and what preventative measures you shouldtake. Go ahead and let them help you keep your dog healthy by following their advice and lettingthem tell you what they see and if there is anything wrong, which might include follow-up treatmentor medication.If your puppy has black flaps on their gums, then you need to make an appointment with yourveterinarian. They will let you know if this is something that you should worry about or if it is part ofthe gums of the puppy. There isn鈥檛 anything that is going to be normal for dogs, but instead there areplenty of options, so why not make sure everything is fine by having it checked out?
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